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    If and when you read this you're a cucumber.

    now if you'll excuse me I remember why I don't come here. :D
    Not much really. Same old, same old. Went to a Sweet Sixteen last night that was pretty fun. Other than that there isn't much to say. ;P
    I think I understand where you're coming from, the Originals [not that i've ever really played them] have that special Classic Magic x] [I came to this conclusion via the storyline & place arangement in FR/LG].

    The new ones don't to be honest have a sense of dangerous adventure to get to the next town, you know like Violet City to Azeala Town- going throught the Routes' & the cave x].

    My favourite part in the Pokemon Games is when you have to travel loads to get to the next place, without a Pokemon Centre for a while, it's such an overwhelming sense of excitement x3
    That is why I cannot wait for HeartGold & SoulSilver to come out x]

    New Jersey sounds...Interesting x] Funny though, it sounds similar to where I live- 30minute drive either North OR South to get to a beach, not near Cities for a bit [although there are very developed Towns xL] & there is a Nature/Bike Trail at the foot of my town x].
    Really?? I didn't expect that x],
    & yes the concept of Pokemon is truely amazing x]

    Are you planning to get a DS?? -or are you the type who feel like they have better things to do x] Haha.

    Hmm,,, you're favourite Pokemon is Wartortle, & mine is Croconaw x]
    That's cool...I think xL Heke.

    Do you mind if I ask a really stupid question [& don't get anxious]:
    What is it like living in New Jersey??
    Thought so x]
    So Ermm...What games on DS do you have [haha]??
    [Is that a alright conversation for now??] Heke x]

    I love your Profile Pixtor,
    Cats are Adorable x3
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