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    Quit it with the ****ing one ****ing liners or I will ****ing come to ****ing England and ****ing gouge out your ****ing eyeballs with a ****ing rusty fork you ****ing ****er. <3. Thanks for the comments though, lol. And sorry for dropping the **** word a lot, but it's just SO much fun. xD. Have a nice day!

    EDIT: ****ing quotes don't count.
    this made my day
    I think it's because they specialize in graphics only at Fringe, where as Serebii is mainly Pokemon based, so they aren't amazing at graphics.
    Even if I don't need to, I still do sometimes. Just not much. So pretty much, if you don't know something, you ask the teacher first? My parents don't trust me at all, especially not with schoolwork. I'm not sure why, since I get it all done eventually, but they always ask and come see what I'm doing. Well, at least you got to re-take it with help from the book. I had an open book test once, but it was still pretty hard, since you had to discern stuff and come up with conclusions that the book didn't exactly say.
    Maybe I would, but I can't photoshop, so whatever. But I personlly don't mind being bored. And do you no study because you don't need to, or you don't want to? I have to study and get good grades on everything, otherwise my parents will go over it with me to make sure I understand everything. And they keep on doing it until I bring my grades up again. DX And those were the TOP kids? Geeze, if that happened, my teachers would give us a lecture. Hah, that's pretty funny X)
    Sometimes, I feel that being bored is better than doing work. But that's just me, since I've been bored so much in my life that I actually like it now.

    I just finished homework. Agh, my hands are really cramped from writing.
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