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May 1, 2014
Mar 4, 2010
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Well-Known Member, from Holland

FlyAsADunsparce was last seen:
May 1, 2014
    1. Pokemon1998Ash
      I love the Electric/Fairy Pokemon but wouldn't use it on my team.
      As for me I'll be using :
      Malamar - I was the first person who stated in the Dex Speculation that I wanted a Squid Pokemon.
      Leaving the other two spots for consideration.
      I also want to see Dunsparce get an evolution. :)
    2. Pokemon1998Ash
      Me too. When they said the biggest scoop of the century they weren't kidding. Even Serebii was in shock.
      Im loving the Mega Evolutions as well. Same as you Blaziken is my favorite along with Ampharos.
      What do you think of the 3 new Pokemon? :)
    3. Pokemon1998Ash
      Hey bro
      Long time no talk.
      What do you think about the mega evolutions? :)
    4. Bariokie
      Oohw tja...Hoe laat en wanneer is het dan op tv? :p
    5. Locormus
      The thing about the rumor I'm worried about though was the thing that Ice might be weak to Fairy as well. If so, then what good will be? It would be weak to 1/3rd of the types! :S
      - Fire
      - Fighting
      - Rock
      - Steel
      - Fairy
      Am I missing one, or is it just five? Eitherway, Ice is an offensive type, I get that, but its already frail in the defensive department. I think this change would hurt an already hurting type. :(

      It may also make bulky Fire-types a bit more usable in the lower tiers though, if Fairy becomes predominant there.
    6. Locormus
      Dude, forgot you were Dutch as well..

      What do you think? Is Fairy going to impact the metagame much? I think not. I can see a bucketload of pokemon being retyped, but most of them being, and remaining NU/RU/UU regardless of the change, because Stats are still what decides a lot of the metagame. Sure, if Milotic gets to be a Fairy-type, then you have a bonified Dragon-counter right there, but that was already a well endowed pokemon to begin with. I doubt that Wigglytuff being Normal/Fairy (or others of the sort of lackluster ability) will become threats and would level out the balance between the types.

      What I do think, that in the lower tiers Poison might become more frequently used due to said developments. If Fairy does turn out to be weak to Poison that is. But why use Fairy in lower tiers? There are hardly any Dragons there anyway! While Poison-types are abound. Hence, the Fairy-type will be more of a curse to the lower tiers then a benefit, in my eyes... :P
    7. Pokemon1998Ash
      You know when the CoroCoro issue is going to be leaked. :)
    8. Pokemon1998Ash
      Oh Word :)
      My leasted favorites are the lines of Golett and Vanillite. Roggenrola and Cottonee are also designs that I don't like.
      My favorites are the lines of Snivy,Oshawott,Scraggy,Sandile,Mienfoo,Pawniard,
      Tynamo,Drilbur,Tympole,and Zorua. :)
    9. Pokemon1998Ash
      Yeah Im also loving both Legendaries also. Xerneas and Yveltal are Amazing. Xerneas's design is an Absolute beasted. :D
      I don't have a problem with Gen 5 Pokemon Neither. But I will admit that there were some Pokemon that I dislike.
      What are your Favorite Pokemon designs of Gen 5?
      What are some of your least Favorite Pokemon of Gen 5? :)
    10. Pokemon1998Ash
      How do you feel about the designs in this Gen?
      Alot of people are saying thats a huge upgrade from Gen 5. :P
      Thanks alot. :)
    11. Pokemon1998Ash
      Oh I understand. :)
      Gen 1 Charizard
      Gen 2 Feraligatr
      Gen 3 Sceptile
      Gen 4 Torterra
      Gen 5 Serperior
      This Gen im loving it so far. It looks like GF put alot of work into it. I love all 3 Starters Especially Chespin.
      I love everything about him and his Evolution has so much Potential. :)
      Froakie is definitely a solid second. I know he had alot of frogs before but his design is so Unique. :)
      The Girls are Absolutely going Crazy for Fennekin. :)
      Do you mind if I send you a Friend Request? :)
    12. Pokemon1998Ash
      Thanks alot Bro
      I Appreciate It. :)
      To be Honest I nevered heard of that Site Before. :P
      I noticed that your not that big on Grass Starters. Any Reason? :)
    13. Pokemon1998Ash
      Hey Bro How Are You?
      My Name is Devin. :)
      Could you tell me how you got your Game Teams onto your Signature.
    14. OnceUponATime
      Thanks for the link! I posted something asking if somebody would make me one and stuff. Thanks again!
    15. OnceUponATime
      How did you make your trainer thing on your signature with the trainer and your pokemon around him? I was wondering because I want to make one.
    16. Souldusk
      Yeah, I used a Delibird once and he pwned Clair...
    17. Souldusk
      You're Delibird+Dunsparce+Smeargle+Qwilfish+FarFetched+Shuckle banner is absolute pwnage. I like how you can bring out the best in those who are seen as the worst. :D
    18. Frozen Sunset
      Frozen Sunset
      Dunsparce Rules!!!!
    19. Juputoru
      For future reference, you can delete your own double posts. There should be a "delete" button when you go to edit your post, so click on that and you're good to go. :)
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