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  • ahh okay i forgot the first post was gonna be just that (i saw the parts with the question marks, im perfectly fine with those sections being there). ill probably start messing with my section some tonight, i wanna see how i get it all setup before i put banners in though.
    still screwing with chaining these beldums though lol. got a chain of 33 last night but i got tired and lost my attention. im not givin up til i get one hahaha
    hey, in the shop in the services part can you change the muve tutoring to "PM winsor" instead of saying ill do it for free? my setup for the tutoring is kinda involved, most of the moves people want require 8 shards and thats usually atleast 6 or more different star peices i have to make in emerald and then migrate, it always takes a while cause i can only migrate once per day in platinum, then i gotta take the star peices to the fuego ironworks and deal with getting through the maze to exchange them for shards, then i can finally get back to a pokemon center and trade to get their pokemon, tutor them, and trade them back. it takes time and items so id rather not do it for free :)
    Nope I'm saying we avoided the freshmen hunt and missed it by about 3-5 years so that's when they stopped it :)
    High school (the kids are awful) someone stopped the freshmen hunt about 2-4 years before my school year got there
    Yikes you are busy I go back to school next week it will be my final year (I hope) I'm trying to make the best of what little time I have
    Hey flyer can you trade today? And also I saw you have a shiny WISHMKR jirachi docile I would love to trade for that :)
    Is there a way to try... mew to or raichu or pikachu? What are you using? I tried looking once but all I found where people offering to make these
    Aww, pichu :D he is awseme. Only thing is Im not into yellow or green. The stencil print is cool but if there is a retro 80's type print, that would be cool :) But overall it is a very nice design. You're fast :p
    Favorites huh? hmmm... Thats tough. Teal, purple... man, Im unsure. Pokemon, I like lots. Pikachu, Mew, Metwo, first gen starters second eves, poliwhirl shiny, raichu, alakazam, Snorlax, Shiny starmie, i really don't know :D
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