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  • Actually, these are for my personal collection. :)
    Okay, I'll infect them then. I always raise my regular teams (not putting any effort into EVs) with Pokerus, and it seems to help a little.
    I don't mind.
    I don't really understand how EV Training works, so any stats you can I guess?
    Also they are all shiny (which is why I want them EV Trained, because I don't know how to do it myself)
    Charmander: up to you about move set as long (as I have 1 good fire and 1 good flying move)
    Dratini: up to you (as long as at least 1 good dragon move)
    Chikorita: up to you
    Cyndaquil: up to you (as long as one good fire move)
    Torchic: ^ same as last but also fighting
    Yep, just let me know when you're ready to trade! I really don't need any other filler Pokemon. To confirm, you would like Egg Move Cyndaquil, Vulpix, Growlithe, and Machop, correct?
    I wanted the following EV Trained:
    Charmander Level 1--> Level 36 (as a Charizard)
    Dratini Level 1--> Level 55 (as Dragonite)
    Chikorita Level 1--> Level 32 (as Meganium
    Cyndaquil Level 1--> Level 36 (as Typhlosion)
    Torchic Level 1--> Level 36 (as Blaziken)
    If that's too many to do, I understand. I was also going to infect them with Pokerus, good idea or bad? What would you like for EV Training?
    Ah. Well, I managed to acquire Chimchar, Gligar, and Remoraid. I'd be happy with just trading the three Eggmove Pokemon for Mankey and Gligar.
    Man, I don't even know! Do you still want Ekans and Lotad? I think I remember something about me trading for a Mankey and Gligar.
    I know that. But I really want to start on one! You see I have this both ideas playing out in my head like a anime and due to time constraints I can't do both. So I have to choice one.
    ahhh i forgot arcanine cant even learn flare blitz by leveling up. lol i was actually gonna breed some growlithes with flare blitz, heat wave, and morning sun in the near future along with some vulpix
    ive got a few large orders of rare candies and TMs right now for 2 people, once i get all those made and migrated i can get started, but ive got like 30 somethin items i gotta create so itll be a day or two.
    ahhh... i evolve mine up asap, its especially nice when you can do it with a stone and evolve them at level one, that way they get the bigger base stat increases that come with the higher evolution, even in the super low levels. thats the one thing that always bugged me about my togepis, i had to make them happy and the best i could do was get them to evolve around level 10. when i finally bred one with the perfect nature and IVs and it didnt have friggin hustle nature i spent a couple of weeks making it happy through haircuts and massages so it evolved at level 2.
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