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  • Lol I was being sarcastic.

    Hopefully, this is the first time that the water starter is my first choice lol.
    Black: Sawsbuck->Tangrowth Darmanitan Samurrott Eelektross Krookodile Archeops
    White: Lilligant. Chandelure Carracosta Excadrill Sigilyph ???
    White: Victrebel Arcanine Kingdra Aggron Gallade Togekiss lol
    Black 2:Lilligant Arcanine Samurrott->Starmie Lucario Flygon Magnezone
    White: Whimsicott Emboar Jellicent Excadrill Stoutland Zebstrika
    White: Serperior Emboar Samurrott Flygon Aerodactyl Zoroark
    And 3 white 2 I can't remember
    Oh, your ladt VM reminds me of something! I hate Sticker Star.

    I really need to play TTYD though, although I found SPM to be rather enjoyable.
    Thanks, Serperior, because of Derpig and my White 2 having chosen Oshaw00t, besides, I like Serperior.

    Chandelure was just because I don't really like the other Fire Types :p

    Huh, K, sure. I'd like to hear them.

    Oh, forgot White 2 :p Samurott, Chandelure, Amoongus, Volcarona, Galantula, Vanilluxe, and Drapion as Rotation.
    K, my White Team's: Serperior, Chandelure, Swanna, Leavanny, Beartic, and Musharna.
    My Black 2 Team's: Serperior, Chandelure, Lanturn, Zoroark, Drifblim, and Flygon.

    Seals in 3D? We're going to an Aquarium?
    K. What's your Team in White/White2/Black2/Black?

    ... The what?

    I can just vaguely remember something about stickers...
    Oh, I prefer to just tank everything with Musharna and eat everything with Dream Eater.

    On Dream Eater...

    Musharna ate dirkac's dreams!

    Musharna got healed!

    ... What was my Dream Mist plot for again?
    The AI is pretty stupid with that XD
    I just let my Zoroark Turn into Chandelure as I don't use Poison or Fighting type attacks, and as it resists Dark and Ghost, Zoroark can easily take a hit from that AI.

    Also, with the Musha-niclus thing, yeah, basically.
    Reuniclus... Me no likee... Those things are slow and aren't that great, but they're annoying to take out.
    But eh, that's just me.

    Oh, Sigilyph and Espeon are better most of the time than Musharna though, I just prefer to use Musharna, cuz, well, Musharna :p

    Now I just gotta get that Dream Mist...

    Hum, I quite like Musharna, as in my White, unless it's a Dark Type or it has Insomnia, my Musharna just tanks the attack, uses Hypnosis, and then Dream Eater to OHKO the opponent and Fully heal Musharna XD
    Works every time.
    LOL! XD

    Maybe Musharna's Dream Mist can make our Dream come true!

    Just gotta find a Musharna, break into GAMEFREAK, put Dream Mist everywhere, and bingo! Our Dreams come true in a Video Game!
    I guess...


    ... Guess we should get a Dream Charm instead of a Shiny Charm then.

    I think we should stop, although it is a Gameplay thing :p

    Dreams... Nah, more like 0,01% If you ask me XD
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