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Flygon Master54
Last Activity:
Nov 16, 2013
Jan 4, 2011
Likes Received:
Manchester, England
Pokémon Trainer

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Flygon Master54

Ahh I'm back baby, from Manchester, England

Flygon Master54 was last seen:
Nov 16, 2013
    1. Torpoleon
      I guess we'll have to wait and see.

      True. I was only 11 when I joined.
    2. Torpoleon
      Maybe you'll get it soon.


      OK, cool.
    3. 1rkhachatryan
      THANK YOU!!!!!! <3

      Lol thanks :).
    4. Torpoleon
      Oh crap. I completely forgot.

      Wow, you're only about a year older than me. That does seem like a long time to wait.

      You posted your VM on your own profile by the way.

      Well, I'm getting off now. Bye!
    5. Torpoleon
      I don't think so.

      Hopefully that wont be for long.
    6. Torpoleon
      Neither did the US. Hopefully we get it soon though.

      Oh. Hopefully you can get DVR one day.
    7. Torpoleon
      Japan did have a Snarl event with Zoroark actually.

      Nope. I just have it saved on the DVR of my TV.
    8. Torpoleon
      Haha, yeah.

      I think so. Came out on April 3, 2012, 6 days before my birthday.
    9. Torpoleon
      Patience for any game isn't my forté.

      At least it's better than spending money to go to the movies.
    10. Torpoleon
      Same here. Hopefully that will be by the end of the year though.

      Agreed. I did like M14's idea of 2 movies.
    11. 1rkhachatryan
      But I have math :( *cries*. How old are you again lol?? Sorry, doesn't say on your profile.

      This is so true...........*sighs*
    12. Torpoleon
      Oh. Well, yeah. It probably will feel like it will take forever to come.

      I agree. M14 was cool, but it didn't seem very actiony. I prefer the AG & DP movies.
    13. Torpoleon
      What doesn't sound loud?

      I think the Musketeer Trio needs Ash & Co. to help rescue Keldeo from Kyurem, or something like that.
    14. Torpoleon
      I wouldn't be surprised if Akuroma is bad. Well, we'll find out in 2 months.

    15. 1rkhachatryan
      LMFAO!!! I didn't even notice that lol.

      This years even worse cuz I have college on my b-day :(.

      There really is no other solution lol.
    16. Torpoleon
      Sounds like a cool idea.

      That's what I'm thinking.
    17. Torpoleon
      I agree.

      Oh, I forgot about that. Well, I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens then. Can't really see it doing anything important in M15 or B2W2 without a new form though.
    18. 1rkhachatryan
      Lol I know you were.

      Ya it's weird that for sure.

      I agree one hundred percent but what can we do lol.
    19. Torpoleon
      True. I wonder if the Musketeer Quartet will be important in B2W2. They were in the game's opening. I'm wondering if maybe Keldeo will get a new form.
    20. 1rkhachatryan
      Meh, technically I could but I hate politics so don't see that happening lol.

      Your telling me?? My birthday is the day after XD.

      Yep, but we were just a small little part of the war back then lol(compared to everything else I mean, nothing small about 1.5 million people being killed).
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  • About

    Manchester, England
    Pokémon Trainer
    Favourite Pokémon:
    I like dragon, fire and dark type pokémon the most.I'm starting liking ground, steel and water types more now.

    Kicking butt


    More trainers shall behold the power of the epic dragon pokémon. ;330;;445;:635:;373;;149;:612:;230;:621:;334;
    Best Pseudo Dragons- ;006;;142;;130;;254;;448;;248;
    Future Draconian Team- ;254;;006;;130;;448;;248;;445; (only because of sand veil, it was hard to abandon Flygon)
    White 2 Team:
    :597:, :554: , ;134; , :571: , :534: , :561:

    RANK UP: Flygon is like totally the best pokémon dude​