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  • Hey cool :)

    No worries, I never replaced you so you're still the co-leader xD And that's great, I haven't been so active with the Clan lately either... to busy with school and I'm getting kinda bored of competitive battling and Pokémon to be exact. I only battle on occasion.
    Hello to anyone who is reading this. I'm going to be staying off of serebii for quite some time. Should I feel like coming back, I might, but I will likely only stop in periodically.

    Thank you.
    Hey, Flygon... I'm just wondering about your absense, I realize school may be a problem, and I was wondering if it would be ok with you if I get a co-assistant to help me with the Clan? I won't be replacing you, but it's hard to manage the Clan myself.
    Hey, Flygon do you have any Pokes we can donate to the shop? SRTHIZZ can clone them if you want to keep them. Good job in the war... it's alright that we lost, you did your best
    This is messed up... Shadow told me we were doing a Knock Out war.. that means they have to beat all of our members before winning
    ooohhh plz, tell me whats my rank, do u remember me? u tested me on wednesday...
    do u remember?i defeated u, can u remember??
    tell me my rank plz...
    Hi if you go on in about a half hour or sooner and got time would you be available to test me? I'll be in waiting by fc is 1806-1159-2527
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