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    Our Dad caught him on Serebii and doesn't want him on here. Technically I'm not supposed to be either, but I haven't gotten caught yet. And my brother wanted to be banned.
    ... I've haven't done a single thing since I mentioned the Miltank. I must have forgot about it... somehow... does that count as an explanation if we were just talking about it?
    ... it doesn't, does it?
    Anyway, now I remember, I'll be getting on to EV training that Miltank. I think I'll use the curse strategy, yet I'll change it so that the speed can be used for when curse isn't a good idea.
    Also, 50 days does sound like a lot. I don't think the amount I play pokemon would be that high. But I do reckon it's in the area of 30-35 days.
    Sorry for the late reply.
    Quite a few people on these forums have high absurd numbers of hours of play. The vast majority of them have passed 400 hours from what I've seen in threads asking this. Yet, as in your case, all my friends aren't even close to that.
    I can't really add up mine, as I have got rid of quite a few games. But I'm very certain it also would be high for me. But if I counted all the games I've played overall, I imagine that at least a fifth of my life would be spent on that. So whats your fraction, for pokemon only? A fifteenth? A tenth?
    Platinum... no, unfortunately. Though there are bonuses to having it, I haven't found the time to be bothered buying it. I'm just happy with Diamond at the moment. Also, Platinum would take up a lot of my time, and I've been getting a fair share of homework at the moment, so you know. Also, as it stands, I've spent 500 hours on Diamond. Another 200 on Platinum would really make me look bad considering. However, I have heard positive feedback about the game.
    I'm in year 10. I can't tell if you didn't know that or not, but just pointing that out.

    Anyway, thanks. I think you know the first sentence means multiple-choice exams, since you're also English. I feel incredibly confident over the physics test I taken, but as for Chemistry, I don't know. Feels like it'll be an A instead. I'll find out soon, so a bit anxious.

    As for plans, I don't really know. I haven't really thought about it. Maybe University, or college, or something. I almost definitely won't go out to work straight away, but that doesn't completely narrow down my choices, does it? At any rate, I'll have to consider that a bit more.
    Anywho, I hope you continue to have success with your exams. I'll see you later.
    Sorry for the late reply: been through work experience. It went very well in my opinion.

    Well, I hope you get the results you want. Certainly is nerve wracking, I can imagine. bit of a coincidence, but I've got two Science GCSE exams tomorrow. I'm expected to get two A*s, lucky old me. I'm certain I'll get two As at the very least, but just in case, I'd best get onto some revision.
    I'll see you later.
    Hey I just remembered you, yah know how we had the small conversation about the names we use in our games?

    I just remembered I wanted to add you to my friends list, is that okay?
    I suppose. Thing is, Curse can make a significant difference, and that makes the speed less useful as a plus. Also have Scrappy, which can lead to the use of normal and fighting moves, which is helped by curse's Atk increase. Maybe I could try to use curse once instead of three times or so, and then use the speed nature and good speed IV to my advantage. I think, though, the original plan is the way to go. Anyway, thanks for your thoughts.
    So heres hoping your exams go well!
    Just came to see how you're doing. See you're EV/IV training and such. That going well?
    At the moment, I've started some IV breeding, but I haven't got that far because I haven't gotten round to it. However, that would be because of a Miltank I hold. Can't decide what to do with it. Got perfect IVs in HP, Atk, Def and sp.def, yet has a timid nature. Could use it's speed, (20-29 IV) but I think It would do best as a tank. Still considering alternatives.
    Anyway, I'm just checking to see how all my friends are doing, and since you seem ok, I'll be moving on. See you later.
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