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  • Well I already have a Noibat. What you could do is go onto the trade and show me the Pokemon you are willing to trade and then I will show you on my end whether I already have it or not.
    You okay with telling me the natures and IV's of all the Pokemon mentioned (at the comfort of your own time)?
    My FC is 1435 4013 1487. Tell me all the Friend Safari Pokemon you are willing to trade to me...
    ...w'alp. I just keep getting thrown curve balls in my attempts at this whole "re-integration" thing. I suck for that, and I apologize, for what it's worth at this point. >_<

    I'ma go and browse through fanfics in the hopes of some inspiration. Maybe I'll be able to start something with Kimber and Beraph. Maybe.
    Agreed. Last night I ended up sticking him in my room with the door closed, and sleeping on the couch. I honestly felt so bad about leaving him in there all by himself...you could hear him mewing from all the way over on the other side of the house. :( But at least I got to school with slightly improved concentration skills, and Richard doesn't seem to be holding any grudges against me for it... >_>

    Huh. Well, I did get invited to a biweekly D&D session by one of the anime club members. So maybe learning to tabletop RP will help get a bit of the creative juices flowing. Or...I dunno. Or maybe the procrastination list will just grow. ^^;
    "The kitten meows, raking my arm."

    There's my 6-word story right there. :p True, too--for a three-month-old animal, he can sure pincushion you if he feels up to it. T_T

    Thought about it. Actually it's very probable that I'd be able to try and dredge myself back to at least writing miscellaneous little scenes (NOSETOUCH 8D *is shotz*) simply because boredom HAS been increasing my free time. What with my enthusiasm for Dragon Quest IX and HeartGold having reached low levels in the poststoryline tedium, and with WoW inaccessible from lack of hard drive space to download the latest update patch I certainly can't waste my time leveling or dungeon grinding, now can I? :3

    ...the only problem with this would be, uh... I haven't actually written anything for a bloody long time. >_>; Hoo, man, I'm gonna be so out of practice... >_<;
    It's not that! It's that the rules state that bumping is a taboo around these parts, & because of that, there is such a thing as taking too long to respond to those things.
    You've waited over five months to respond to this...

    That is ill-advised, FPE, as Dragonfree will most likely @#$^%-slap you for bumping that thread...
    O rlly? 8D I feel so accomplished all of a sudden! Now, what to name this new language... "randomsity"? =I

    ...no, nonono. VULLLLPIX is bettah by far. >=D *waves finger in a hypnotic spiral pattern* Yooouuu willl woorrshiiip...

    8D!!! *squeal squeal SQUEEAAALS like a girl at the video* ♥♥♥♥

    Yeeeeesss. >_>

    At least it's clear that PMD Sky still has the power to influence me at least a little. :p ...darn those cute Bambii-vixen-y big melty cutey eyes... DX
    Yes, yes, I responded just now. Coulda sworn I did it before, tho... ._.

    ...and now, on top of bipolar personality disorder, fangirl hyperactivity, tendencies to talk out loud to myself, and temporary seed-induced hallucinations, I'm also starting to suffer short-term memory loss. Nice. >_<;
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