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Last Activity:
Sep 8, 2011
Feb 18, 2010
Likes Received:
UK, West Yorkshire
Live sound engineer

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Collector/Tamer, from UK, West Yorkshire

fogheart was last seen:
Sep 8, 2011
    1. Atone
      I'm not very good at the whole battleing thing :P But maybe ^^
      Ok LEt Me kNOw IF you neEd anY thINg i Got cause i dO NeeD a BunCh OF nonLEgendary pOkemON From hoenn and sINnoH
      thanks For The TroPIus
      I nEedEd ONe
      all I neEd Is maNApHy NOW
      Ill Give You Three LEgenDaries For IT INcLUdINg Cresselia
    5. Kecleoshrew
      Hello ^w^

      You say that you like music. What kind of music do you like?

      Also, what's your favourite FF game?
    6. Lady Eevee
      Lady Eevee
      I do. :) I'd love to run my own restuarant after I finish college.

      Nope, I'm skint. :/ lol! Did you buy the games?
    7. Lady Eevee
      Lady Eevee
      It's a nice place. ^^
      Oh, I study retail, health and safety, Customer service and working towards an NVQ qualification in food service and ICT clait.
    8. tharjaandme
      Yeah, it is really sad. I haven't really been keeping up with them lately though.
      So are you pretty good at playing Synister Gates guitar?
    9. tharjaandme
      Oh yeah? Hah, my band tried to play The Wicked End by Avenged Sevenfold, but neither me or the other guitarist could get the sweep picking right on the solo. I don't think their guitar players get enough credit for being as good as they are.
    10. Lady Eevee
      Lady Eevee
      Oh, well thanks for letting me know. ^^
      Oh right, I'm from Birmingham. Well, near birmingham.
    11. Lady Eevee
      Lady Eevee
      Oh really? What part of the UK are you from?

      Nope, I didn't know anything about it to be honest. :/ I could go as Sheffield isn't to far away from my college it's just if the staff would let me go.
    12. Lady Eevee
      Lady Eevee
      Heeey! :-D
      I saw you visited my page so I thought I'd visit your's too. ^^
      How are you?
      Hope you have a good weekend!
    13. tharjaandme
      Yep, and I think vocal range is also a must. I think it's a fun idea doing solo stuff, especially when you're not involved in anything else musical at the moment.

      Umm, hah, there are a looooot. But I guess a few of them are tool, afi, the red hot chili peppers, and the gipsy kings. Those are pretty much my main ones, although like I said, there are a looooooot.
      What about you?
    14. tharjaandme
      Yeah, I'm sure its nice to be a part of that, especially since balance is really overlooked these days.

      The last band I was in was an alt rock group, which I played guitar for. But I've also played bass for an electronic group which was a lot of fun. I've been working on my vocals though so that I can branch out on my own if I ever feel like it.

      Yeah, I agree, it is a lot easier to get meaning across on acoustic songs. If you make proper use of dynamics you can easily make an acoustic song way more powerful than a plugged-in one.
    15. tharjaandme
      Yep, I play guitar and bass too. I've been in a few bands before, though I'm not in one at the moment. That's quite cool that you do live sound though, it seems like a challenging thing to do.

      Woot for Glaceon!!
    16. tharjaandme
      Hiya and welcome to the boards fogheart!
      It says you're a musician. What do you play?
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  • About

    UK, West Yorkshire
    Live sound engineer
    Favourite Pokémon:
    I Live in the UK. Musician. Playing pkmn since RBY release.


    On offer:
    Alamos Darkrai,Phione, all Gen Starters, Magmortar, Zapdos, all hard-to-find pkmn (e.g spiritomb, beldum, drifloon, Rotom, Absol, Sableye...all Lv1's) PM me if you are interested :)

    Looking for:
    Deoxys (any forme)
    Celebi ;251;

    PM me with any requests or offers.
    (p.s I will nickname newly hatched pkmn on request :) )

    Black FC: 4727 7152 5137​