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  • Rogue :
    Cradily : Have 8 tentacles. Kills 2 players each night using its tentacles. A tentacle can be broken if the victim votes Cradily suspicious. If all 8 tentacles are broken, it's helpless, and can only vote
    Ninetales: Burns a trainer, making them unable to vote or do their action, if targeted by anyone, the person who targeted them will be "cursed" making any move they do random for the next 3 rounds.
    Aipom: Hides in the trees and is protected from death and can grab someone to bring them with them and can only be targeted for anything but, death and if they are then so is Aipom.
    Gastl: Each night Gastly infuses with a pokemon and controls who they target if the pokemon dies he stays alive but, he can't choose a target it is RNG...due to being a ghost he can only die in day time

    Shuckle: During the day he makes a berry juice and due to the berry flavor(Oran, Rawst, persim, kasib, magost, custap) pm me to know berry effects...
    Allow me to break the ice

    Rogue Pokemon:

    Groudon: Gets to say one person he/she wishes to kill. If it's Kyogre, that person will be killed. Goal is to kill Kyogre. When Kyogre dies, Groudon wins no matter what and gets one night kill each round until he/she dies

    Kyogre: Gets to choose one person. If it's Groudon, then he/she is killed. When Groudon is killed, Kyogre immidiately wins. Kyogre then gets one night kill each round until he/she dies.
    Oh, no I didn't see PTA, I'll post on it. I thought I already put them up, maybe some error occured, I guess I'll post two again.
    No problem I was hoping you would notice it before which why I did it (too bad you didn't though) :/ It took a long time I must admit and I got one of the votes wrong, it's more work than it looks, going through three-four pages and slashing out votes and adding new ones.
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