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Foo Fighter
Last Activity:
Dec 23, 2009
Jul 22, 2008
Likes Received:
Louisville KY, *****.

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Foo Fighter

Nostalgia is my pal, from Louisville KY, *****.

Foo Fighter was last seen:
Dec 23, 2009
    1. Shadow XD001
      Shadow XD001
      Hi, I just wanted to know if you were either going to be a Co ordinator or Trainer in my RPG Pokémon: New Heroes (Sinnoh). There is one Co ordinator and Trainer Spot left. When you see this, I can't make any promises that one of them will be available still, if that's okay. Reply to this ASAP.
    2. Skull-Kid
      What if I say I'm not like the others?
      What if I say Im not just another one of your plays
      You're the pretender
      What if I say I will never surrender~
    3. Insidious_Dreamer
      You can have up to four matches, but seeing as ur waiting, I'll go ahead and take it. I'm a nice guy like that, and I can fit in one more match, I think... Plus some of my other ones are finishing...

      Also, have you msn?
      Also, you may be interested to know that only the LOs (i.e. those with mod powers) can edit the normal squad subs, and of those, only Muyo and ABL really understand how to determine which are overpowered and which are not...
    4. Insidious_Dreamer
      Just thought I'd pop in and say yes to the question you wrote in the sigless squad subs. You did do it right, and you can start battling anytime. Welcome to the ASB!
    5. Zincspider
      Our individual Sign-ups.
      We have to get the trainers done before we can ask people to be pokemon for them, don't we? |3
    6. Zincspider
      Yeah, me and BG just havn't had time to make our sign-ups in the past few days.
      After we complete them, we will start.
    7. Zincspider
      .... you will see....
      we should have it up by the end of the week....
      and then you will get why I am being ominous....
    8. Zincspider
      I'm quite as excited as you are that you want to play.
      That's already two out of 10 we need to sign-up!
    9. Zincspider
      Whaoh, already!
      Alright but don't make your sign-up so quick there.
      We are going to have some restrictions on pokemon 8D
    10. InnerFlame
      Nah, it be a surprise and then I'll give myself slap in the face for not figuring out. Thanks for the offering though.
    11. Pokefan0234
      Hi. Um... well, there are a few more SUs in your RPG...
      Sorry to bother you or anything...
    12. Male of the Human Species
      Male of the Human Species
      Not to be a bother or anything, but are you going to continue on your Genesis X roleplay? There's already three signups, yet you have yet to say if anyone is accepted or not. I understand if you're busy or something, but if you can drop by the thread that'd be great =D
    13. Magical Pokemon
      Magical Pokemon
      No, I sed out friend request to everybody who comes across my profile page.
    14. Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix
      Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix
      And I'm never letting it get any shorter.
      By the way, that's what she said.
    15. Zincspider
      Of course you can. I am not a completely dedicated fanboy, and I started the thing. I just use terms that look like ninja talk to get them to change somthing I don't like.
      But, as long as you don't take it from another sereis, you are fine.
    16. Seth1789110
      no you can, but you can stay nuetral or pick a side
    17. Zincspider
      Depends. An A-guitar is certainly alowed.
    18. Zincspider
      Thanks, but no lute.
      I am cracking down on unconventional instruments. I will have to tell that to the others.
    19. shiny palkia
      shiny palkia
      my occupation is killing ppl in call of duty O.o
    20. shiny palkia
      shiny palkia
      nothin how do u hav thursday on ur friends list and not sour candy!!!!!!
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    Louisville KY, *****.
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Guitar, Foo Fighters