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Forbidden Snowflake

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  • Well i had others but greninja & Incineroar were the main ones i was using as i wanted to capture other pokemon after i finished the game.
    Nope & keep in mind when i put / between typing that means it's a duo typing not mono so again
    the two following mons in my team were water/dark & fire/dark.
    Yeah happens when you enter the ather foundation for the first time & go to that zoo like area where some pokemon are endangered alola region.And for my team well...water/dark & fire/dark.
    Yeah but did they really have to jack up the prices to 16-48 bp for them?Not only that but remove the macho brace?
    Anyways i thought the story was pretty good but the one thing that bother me was how some of the alola pokemon can't coexist with other pokemon without eating them & of course i'm talking about the corsola being eaten by a pokemon whose name i can't remember at the moment.
    Heheh you noticed huh?Yeah i finally got Sun & i already finished it a few weeks back but guddamn is getting your breeding essentials & power items a pain in the ***.
    Uh PokeBank bro...& it will be legit because we can transfer pokemon from our R/B/Y to sun & moon through PokeBank & not only that but once transferred they'll acquire the alola pentagon so that way people can use them i battle spot & VGC.
    Heh "Rampa" never been called that one before but anyways maybe your right but right now i'm just gonna wait until January that way i can get my fissure machamp through PB cause let's face he's gonna be the ultimate wall breaker when fissure is legal & people will cringe when they see him on team!
    On every thing...i know it may seem exaggerated but it's been like this every since i snapped back a couple of months ago where i was doing really great on PS with my rampardos team where i just sweeping away OU teams & i'm talking about teams that use OU mons btw with just rampardos alone as i played my cards right to point where i was almost at 1700's in the OU ladder...then suddenly everything just crumbled & bad luck just spewed all over me out of nowhere.I tried to bounce back several times but every time it's just gotten worse for me,I mean nowadays managed to get a couple of sweeps here & there but it wasn't how it was back then where ironically i was in my prime & i'm pretty much accepting the fact i'm not that great with pokemon anymore & decided put the game down.

    And to answer your question & forgive me for the backstory up there ^ i did but alot of the new pokemon's revolve around being stall mon's & being too overpower for my taste.Plus to add insult to injury people are adding the new Ultra beasts or in other words UB's to their generic teams with lando & became even more annoying to face now,Not to mention alot of people are relying on stall now to win their games.So yeah tried them but i couldn't find any use for them without having being what i hate & i refuse being like everyone with their teams.
    Just been having alot of bad luck on pokemon for awhile & the new pokemon aren't really helping me plus everyone is relying on the hardest/fastest hitting pokemon along with stall mons which i hate very much & bleh it's just become a heaping mess with me that i'm just throwing in the towels & not bothering to catch up with the meta anymore.
    Aye kinda cheesed off because Verlisify blocked me on twitter because i didn't agree with him continuing to pick on the amourshipping & i guess he didn't like the fact i was disagreeing with him so yeah here i am.
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