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Forbidden Snowflake

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  • i would take any nature as long as it i male
    and dont worry, take your time
    sorry about not getting the torchic with adamant nature
    but at least it has 1 31 iv(most likely hp or attack)
    here are all the eggmove pokemon i have:
    sneasel-ice shard, taunt, brick break, and ice punch
    croagunk-focus punch, cross chop, dynamic punch
    gible-iron head, earthquake, dragon claw
    charmander-belly drum
    dratini-thunderbolt, dragon dance
    eevee-shadow ball, iron tail
    horsea-dragon dance, hydro pump, brine
    turtwig- giga drain
    bagon- dragon dance
    larvitar- eathquake, iron head
    tododile- crunch, ice beam, hydro pump
    raltz- thunderbolt, confuse ray, pain split, destiny bond
    okay i have your castform bred
    adamant-31/31/x/x/x/x female
    which one would you like?
    and i am a little to lazy to level them up and it would be easier if you do
    so due to these somewhat good ivs could i possibly just trade them to you at lv. 1?
    yeah ok cool i will trade you the focus sash for the murkrow later today. then ill try to level up corphish later today as well.
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