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  • waitwaitwut.

    And the reason I didn't respond is because I didn't have anything else to say. Sorry, I do that a lot. ._.
    Panic! is just... I dunno, they just sound so generic. The Beatles influence didn't do anything for them really other than making them even poppier than they already were. FOB's first album showed a bit of promise, but they sold out faster than any other band I've seen do so.

    I'm giving a listen to that first song now. It's alright, I've never really been a fan of synthesizer heavy music other than some industrial stuff, but the girl's got some level of talent for being able to make some poppier stuff which a synthesizer and not make it completely reliant on catchiness.

    I take a listen to Paramore every now and then, they're not one of my favorite bands but their work is still on my computer.
    Sounds decently interesting. If I have free time in the next... like, 2 years, I might check her out, I still have over like, 400 bands I want to check out/listen to more of. =/
    "Emo" is basically just another way of saying pop punk nowadays anyway. I haven't heard much of Mayday Parade but tbh they sounded like Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy, e.g. recycled, fairly poor alternative rock, though that's my opinion. I can tell you're a boy whenever I think about it, but my first instinct is to think you're a girl... Not really sure why. And you're never going to get that name change lol, the closest thing available is making a whole new account. =/
    Most people you battle on shoddy are pretty intense with it, Wifi has always been better for casual battling; unfortunately, a majority of wifi battlers aren't very good and won't give you good matches.
    I listen to a bit of everything; thrash metal, prog, black metal, grunge, folk, pop punk, you name it and I probably have a band that I listen to from it.
    The Offspring are always good. Can't really comment on Mayday Parade and Silverstein, I believe their both post-hardcore though? LiGHTS sounds interesting, though I've never been a fan of Owl City myself. Though I did look up the girl, and I agree, she is rather attractive.

    And may I note that for some reason in my head I still want to think you're a girl, unless I remind myself. >__>
    lol everyone's an ass on shoddy for the most part, unless you're a regular or you're a really good player. And then there's just the people that are an ass because they think they're so great. :/
    I used to be the same with the food on Thanksgiving, I would hate just about everything there; my taste seemed to change in the last year or so, now I love most of that stuff.

    Not really, other than playing shoddy/netbattle for competitive battling. Other than that, nothing at the moment.
    Meh, most of the day I just had my headphones on and was ignoring everyone. So it really wasn't that different than most days. :| But considering I don't really like people, it was good for me.

    was ignoring because at the time of your vm'ing i didn't feel like starting a conversation. :|

    I dunno.
    Well, I will admit though, that I'm not the smartest in terms of RNG abusing. I'm sure others like mattj would surpass me in the art of the subject.

    Me? Well, I know how to catch legendary shinies and capture desired Pokemon with desired IV's. However, I have no experience whatsoever when it comes to breeding for perfect IV's and SR for perfect wondercard IV's (sadly, you can't control the nature of any wondercard Pokemon, unless it's preset (e.g. lv. 50 Dragonite). I still have yet to obtain tons of Shaymins and Arceus from the guy in green, though. (thank god for R4)
    I like Fireflies, but the Saltwater Room is still my favourite, mainly because it was the first Owl City song I have ever heard.
    Nope, much like Arceus, I am not a god. Unlike Arceus, I am human and as far as I know, I have no origins in divinity nor was I present for or did I participate in shaping the universe.
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