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  • dang shadow it has been ages since i've seen you around
    as if fifth gen has anything decent to replace TG with dawg 8\ and i'm too lazy to change my sig much, it'd require a whole new set of fonts and images and colors x.x
    look it makes sense, marth is just too homo
    speaking of i'll go watch it, i don't think i've seen it in a year lol
    Thank you sir, I appreciate that. Thank you for your invite as well. Funny you should mention that, I was going to ask you about it. XD But it could be a rapid spin. Regardless it's still very cool. Awesome! I can see why, Forretress' are very cool.
    Well, in Australia we're always ripped off on games. EB Games (we don't have GameStop) usually sells new release 360 and PS3 games for $100+. Black Ops was slated for a $120 release price.
    However, for a reason unknown to me, the Hardened Version of Black Ops is the exact same price, and includes a download code for the 4 Zombie maps from World at War, an avatar suit and a medal with a steel case. I jumped on the chance to grab this version.
    I believe I have been rounding up, but only by a few dollars (IIRC, it's basically $118.95).
    Right, yes. The name Shadow does ring more of a bell. ...Slightly more of one. And I do remember Sp00n and Gardevoir, at least.

    So, uh, yeah. Hi?
    Hi! Uh... I guess from the fact that we have previous VM correspondence that I used to know you fairly well? ^^; Sorry; after I drifted out of chat and moved into fanfiction, I've forgotten pretty much everything except the vaguest stuff about people I used to know from there. >.< Your name does ring a bell, but otherwise... D:
    Not yet. I'm about to start applying to places once I get that license though.

    I'm totally going for the Guitar Center. How about you?
    You mean my mom's Ford. Yep. I'm getting my license very soon, so that's about to become reality.

    Also, awesome. Gots a job?
    Haha, I guarantee I will. I'm actually going to re-write Disastrous Love, Endless Meaning sometime soon. Posting it the same day I did the last one, strictly for sentimental reasons, but it'll be up. Gives me a few months to tweak and whatnot.
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