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  • we fight to the death with our teams ... I mean we have a fun battle , yes a fun battle between the two of us xD.
    sorry about being busy last night, I was working on a 3:3 fighting team for this mono tournament on another site. I don't think I have to work today so if you need anything let me know.
    hmm ill see what I can do once I get home x) which won't be for about 2 and a half hours or so.
    I'll pm u some stuff on the basics of building it later when I get home, and then I'll probably get you to try and build one on your own to the best of your ability or something like that. or depending on how familiar you are with the OU tier we may need to work on that 2nd instead and then work on building teams and then battling and such.
    hmm well I can take you on if you'd like , I'm pretty good with bulky offense plus it'd give me an excuse to battle you more and such x).
    I'm good just sleepy ;-; . Im not home atm so I can't go to either places but I'll stop by later x)
    You can hang out, but if your going to hang around alot you might aswell just join. There's nothing special you have to do just cuz' you join.
    No lol computers aren't good for talking because people can't interpret emotions through it.its ok if you don't wanna join, I'd like you to but you don't have to.
    You can join, just copy and paste the form in the first post, fill it out, and welcome to the clan :) alex or leah should give you a pm to the clans chat and forums :) you can also ask sanguisarcangel
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