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Last Activity:
Oct 25, 2008
Aug 31, 2008
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Luxray eats hackers., from Where no 11 year-old has been

ForteDS was last seen:
Oct 25, 2008
    1. Rapadash
      Luxray is one of my favorite pokemon next to Empoleon and Rapidash. Yay for my shiny Luxray!
    2. pichu girl
      pichu girl
      im a fan of all electric types i love luxray almost as much as pichu almost
    3. kroko50
      hey im a luxray fan to, it's my most frequently used pokemon,
      i even have a shiny 1 in a luxury ball,
      that was an awesome day
    4. pkmnhippy
      I'm a Luxray fan!
      I named mine Kookie <3.
    5. ForteDS
      I'm glad to see that there are plenty of Luxray fans out there. Thanks for visiting my profile, guys!
    6. redpanda
      Luxray is amazing! That is the only pokemon I still use in my party from the beginning of the game. Also, that shinx was the first pokemon I ever caught!
    7. netobeto
      hey am a luxray fan too...cool to other luxray fans.
    8. Saberu
      The other day (well, several weeks ago), I was training my Togepi so that it would grow happier. When I came across a wild Pokemon, I naturally used the best offensive move at my disposal, Metronome, against it. And guess what it was? It was Judgment. That Arceus-exclusive move that Nintendo doesn't want you to know about. I laughed like crazy then. And so, I have added a little something to my sig regarding that. Check it out. Of course, you'd have to have read this post to understand it.
      I think I'll go equip the mind plate to my clefairy now. Just in case. ^_^
    9. SleepsInRain
      Luxray is definitely one of my favorite electric types.
    10. ForteDS
      Hey, I DID contribute something to the topic. I said that I hate school uniforms. >_>
    11. DarkTyphlosion157
      It would be nice if you didn't spam in my threads. Thankyou.
    12. ForteDS
      There! It's done! Now if only I could get rid of that white background.....
    13. ForteDS
      Drat! What's with this image hosting thing?
    14. ForteDS
    15. ForteDS
      Hmm.....well, Imageshack isn't sending me the confirmation e-mail, and for Photobucket you have to be 14, so I'll try something else.
    16. ForteDS
      Morning, Pokefans. Thanks for the advice, Aptenodytes. I'll see if I can make an Imageshack account.
    17. Alexiel
      im a luxray fan too, although i lack of one
    18. Aptenodytes
      Well I don't have Wifi and I don't competitively battle, so I couldn't battle you even if I wanted to :P.

      And to get an image on your signature:
      Upload the picture onto an image hosting site such as Photobucket or Imageshack.
      Go to edit signature.
      Type in [img*] your image url [/img*] without the *'s in them.
      Then save your signature.
    19. ForteDS
      Hmm....I can't figure out how to get it on my signature, but I'll just worry about that tomorrow. I'm tired now.
    20. ForteDS
      Thanks for the complement, LOL. Though I do have a rival at school. A girl rival.....

      Sure, I'll be your friend. Just don't expect me to be an active battler, since I'm in the middle of the game right now (I only have two badges).
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    Where no 11 year-old has been
    Favourite Pokémon:


    If you are a Luxray fan like me, let me know on my profile page. ;405;

    Don't underestimate Togepi, or you'll get owned. ;175;