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  • ...lol at paranoid moms.

    M'kay, I'm not a 40 year olf pervert, I'm a 16 year old. However, I won't video chat or include pics for reasons that your mom could probably understand, I'm paranoid as all ****. I mean, yeah, I'll VC over WiFi or Skype, but meh.

    And yes, Bass pwns ***.

    Yeah, major bedding...Juujii here (10:00, I think that's right...)

    Oh, yeah, you didn't have a major part in the fic yet.
    Oh, I've played Megaman. Tis fun. Never watched/read/heard of that.

    Working on Chapter 10, btw, of mah fic. Bed soon :(
    Hinata's the bomb. She's so very cute.

    If you ever need help with Algebra, I'm sure I could help.

    Matrices are win.

    Who's ForteEXE
    *Sigh, Algebra, I never liked that class, glad I'm at least over with algebra 1.

    What's the second part? Hinamori should be uber post?
    Yea same here, I deleted my avatar and sig and all my files and stuff and stopped for a about 4 days and came back because I got bored ;__;

    And yes HP Ice > Ice Punch seeing as MixMence also tends to run a -S.Def nature sometimes as well.

    Though you could also use HP Fighting too, which hits Tyranitar and Heatran switch ins pretty hard.
    Everyone stopped playing 3rd Gen not 2nd Gen, it still had some popularity to it, the transition into 3rd gen was far too long and everyone got bored of 2nd gen after awhile.

    Same here, it's like a drug, can't stop.

    I think a better MixElf would be

    U-Turn/ Flamethrower/ Zen Headbutt/ Explosion

    200 HP/ 252 Atk/ 56 Spd, Outspeeds Neutral Lucario and anything else EVing to beat it, as well as Neutral Max Speed Electivire w/o the boost.

    160 HP/ 252 Atk/ 96 Spd, Outspeeds neutral base 100's

    128 HP/ 252 Atk/ 128 Spd, Outspeeds Positive Base 90's

    All assuming Adamant Nature only.
    Okay, so Latias isn't a very good lead, what about switching Wish for Recover?
    Yeah. I had another match today and lost Latias because she couldn't Recover in time. I'm definitely changing that before I do another one. It's kind of a shame, though, because this team can use the Wish support with Spikes appearing frequently and no Taunt anti-lead.
    Ooh. Aah. O_O I'll switch the spread on the team. Although from the battles I did yesterday (3-4, not many people play ubers), I did find the SDef somewhat helpful against stuff like Manaphy, but that was because Latias had died from leading (it's not a good lead and does not work with Wish alone). But it defeats Darkrai either way, so switching.

    I've made a new Uber team, I'll PM it to you if you want, it features my new creation…… Anti-LeadScarf Celebi~!!
    Sure. That sounds interesting! ^_^

    Oh, and sorry I didn't name one of the pogeymanz after you, you can be Latias xD
    That's alright, but...I've......always wanted to be...a.....a........a Blissey XD! (/joke) Seriously though, I'm fine. Not many of the pokemon on that team reminded me of me anyways where as Reno being Groudon, etc. made sense. However, I don't mind being Latias XD!
    Hello. Do you mind if I use your Uber team in Shoddy? I thought this might be one way I could attempt to learn ubers, or just have fun in my spare time. The team does look really fun.
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