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  • No. XDD I just show him my drawings and such. o.o He's only eight, so I am NOT going to let him read it. Besides, if I tried to get him to he'd probably run off in a bored fit.

    How much do you weigh? Last time I checked I was 111 pounds... but that was two years ago. XD
    Well DD LO Gyarados can also use Outrage well to some extent since it can OHKO Starmie if I recall correctly. But other than that it is pretty lame. Mence is starting to be very annoying, nothing really counters it that well except Cresselia who can be 2HKOed by Draco Meteor + Outrage.

    And as for Skymin, it's being seriously underestimated in my opinion, people just use it wrong or stupidly which is why they think that it's bad.
    oh. I mean like, me and my brother have an inside joke that since Nnoitora is a spoon, that makes Eloise a fork. I have a pic of her wearing a fork thingy like Nnoitora's spoon thingy, I need to go find it...

    idk if you'd be able to throw me across a room. I'm pretty heavy. :X

    Yeeeeah, it'd suck to have your head get eaten off after getting laid. That's the real reason Nnoitora hates women, I said. XD

    I hate being tickled. It fills me with a terrible rage. :X
    I've alreayd been to texas *ahaha* plus I told you it is magic proof, [psychic abilties coutn as magic this is what would happen *you are compressesinto a small purple orb and...hit oyur head*
    The new Rotom forms are probably the only thing I really like about the platinum updates. I still think Skymin and the Outrage tutor should have never been conceived.
    lmao. I guess I never told you...

    Eloise = Fork

    She's also the sun to the moon (Nnoitora) and the stag beetle to the praying mantis (Nnoitora)

    *oar'd 'til dead* x.x
    If you cheat I cheat And now oyu have to win 15 times befrore truely winning *attaks directly with slyfer 15 tiems and palys exodia 15 times*
    Y haven't you posted in the POTW there is a new poke {i think you did that} but there are now also topics check it out and my harry potter fan club bye
    I use slyfer's ability to get rid of "I hath money" thne I sumon all five parts of exodia so i win
    IF oyu cheat, i cheat, I repel your brain control because my brain is stornger thne your card and thne slyfer kilsl oyu
    I activate Umi and Tornado wall. Next i use mystical space typhoon on your brain control and attack you directly
    You can't attack me directlyt if I summon Slyfer *discard 75 traps cards* now he has 8300 attack power. Slyfer destroy bluies eyes. Next I summon Exodia and Ra and Obelisk. I also summon King of armegedo and queen of ruin
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