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  • Congrats on graduating dude! I can't wait to graduate...

    Did you get Black/White?
    Ugh, not fun. I'm done with school and all of my exams until this time next year so I can't say the same, lol. Holy crap that's a lot of money. D:

    Lol, it's fine, just contribute whatever you can.

    Oh I'm sure it is.
    Hey, FM, I haven't seen you online for a while? How's it going?

    I wanted to invite you to a project that I'm working on with GS. It's a Forum designed with getting people the Pokémon they want for their games. IV Breeds, EV Training, Shinies, etc. Interested in joining? It's here if you're interested.
    Well, since TTar is weak to water an fighting, maybe a grass type
    could help you out. I'm too lazy to dig up the thread right now, but
    a grass type would also resist his ground weakness. I can't remember
    who your lead was, but your grass type should have a secondary
    type to make sure you're not bug weak. If you can link me the
    thread I'll go more in depth for you.
    I hate you for that. I want to use PS more ;_;

    Yea, actually, 4:30 now, lol. What's wrong is Insomnia. I'll probably be asleep by 5, lol. I'm actually going this time, so, later :)
    Yea, Photoshop does that to your work. Which is why we're not allowed to use it on most stuff in School >_>

    Orly? Why not, lol?

    Reply to this and I'll get back to you later. It's 4 Am now, lol, and I've got important stuff to do tomorrow (or later today, rather), so.
    Yea, Photoshop does that to your work. Which is why we're not allowed to use it on most stuff in School >_>

    Orly? Why not, lol?

    Reply to this and I'll get back to you later. It's 4 Am now, lol, and I've got important stuff to do tomorrow, so.
    I want a sharpie ;_;

    Oh, right, so 4:40? You spent a pretty long time on the colouring, it seems. How did you manage to get it looking like it was done on a computer, from an anime or something? Or was that just thanks to all the time you spent on it?
    I suppose you're right, although I live in an area that is completely devoid of public transport... But yea, money would be an issue.

    Lol, that's unfortunate. I can't say mine's overly optimistic either. About 30 years. Whee?
    Oh right, nice. Good luck with that!

    Whee. ^_^

    Yea, right now, it hurts a lot since it's only just been put in and the doctor that did it fails. Although it's not so much the discomfort, but the general embarrassment that's annoying. Ugh. *also grabs barf bag*

    Lol, screw that. GO MAD.

    Lol, no. A country or two, more like.

    Very true :)

    Sorry about my tragically late reply, btw.
    Well done with that then ^_^ Out of interest, what are you doing?

    Orly? That's cool. I'd like to see them when they're done, if it's alright with you :)

    No, it isn't. Lol, I can't stay away from Hospitals, it seems. I'm going back in on Wednesday to see how I'm doing. Then, they'll decide wether to lower my dosages, and let me have solid food again. Although there's a tube thing in my stomach atm that's in there for at least another month. Whee.

    Oh wow, that soon? Awesome.

    Lol, I sometimes cause havoc now. I can't wait until I'm 21 xD That's... interesting. See what happens :)

    Np, it's nice to talk to someone who can make good conversation :)
    Oh right, I've been through that Self-Confidence issue thing too, and to an extent, I'm still going through it. Then again, I'm like that with almost everything. I actually tried drawing with other people and found it unproductive because I felt I was constantly comparing my work to theirs and only seeing how it was worse. I found that I worked better when I was drawing around other people, but not other artists. People who won't judge you or comment on your work because they don't or can't do it themselves. Also, for some strange reason, I find that I produce better art in an unfocused atmosphere; If I am forced to concentrate too hard on a piece then I find it a strenuous rather than enjoyable task, and so the end result is poorer. I normally work best in my dorm with a couple of roommates. That may just be me, though.

    Internal bleeding. My stomach's walls are too weak while the acid is too strong and due to existing digestive system issues it wasn't rebuilding itself fast enough, so yea. I'd like to say it's nice to be home, but it's not because I still feel like I'm in hospital with the number of pills and crap I have to put up with right now.
    Gahh. That sucks =/

    So, you basically lack time to practice? Or you lack motivation? Tbh, I sometimes go through those phases when I cba to put any effort in. xD

    Nah, I was in hospital all of last week with stomach problems and even though I'm home now, I'm still not feeling any better, so yea.
    Lol, don't worry about it. SerebiiLag gets us all.

    You spent Easter away? Why's that? And lol, I always found that drawing came naturally to me. Which is probably why I'm on at Art scholarship at School xD

    I'm not great, tbh. Pretty ill atm, but w/e.
    I didn't actually look for your age :p Oh, right, that's cool. It's nice to know there are still some slightly older fans out there ^_^

    I know. I was really happy when I found out. Apparently, my best friend, who I didn't recognise, was angry so he went mad and scored another three times.
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