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  • Lol, I have a sort of job :D How old are you, btw?

    Yea, we did give them a good butt kicking for that too. They were a pretty poor team, and with their goalie gone and a sub in his place, they decided to avenge me. The end score was 9-1 to us :')
    Yea, it sounds it. I know nothing about donating blood since I'm not actually qualified to do so.

    I suppose that's good, that you feel better now. Still, I'm sorry. Lol, I normally fail at School. I don't work xD

    A spoil sport doesn't do something that could kill the other team's players. I think he might have had an anger problem or something, Idk.
    Sounds rough... I'm guessing it's like a blood donation? I can't actually do one of them. I'm sorry to hear about your Grandad... Must have been upsetting for you.

    I think I'll be alright. After I got hit, I was passed out for a couple of minutes and then I threw up and went really weird. By that, I mean I didn't know where I was, what I was doing, stuff like that. I didn't even recognise my best friend, who's on the same team as me. I'm still acting oddly, apparently, but not as badly as earlier.

    Lol. Speaking of Goalies, it was the opponent's goalie's fault. He was irritable, and when the score got to 4-0, he felt the need to throw his stick at the back of my head. He's banned from all teams for the whole year now.
    Lol, hi, it's weird, it hasn't actually been that long xD

    Not great, tbh. I got concussion playing a Hockey Match today so I feel like crap.

    And you?
    VMing should work now then :)

    It's always nice to have a new competent rater in IGRMT. I haven't been into Pokemon so much lately due to school work and stuff, but if you ever need help with a team or something I'll be glad to help.
    I don't think I've ever had the pleasure to say hi to you before... so hi :D
    Awesome, glad to hear it... I just hate it when someone with potential forgets that they aren't everything.


    Yeah, I'm glad you understand that. So many people don't... And I like your gimmicks. All I can say is, if the team seems to be very strong and serious, then avoid them. A casual battler won't mind, but on a serious BT team, for example, Gimmicks won't do.

    No problem :)
    You mean the one in that guy's RMT? No problem at all. Seriously, I've seen you from the start, and you have improved phonomenally. I'm finding that lots of the Pokemon that you suggest for teams now actually work. They give something to the team, rather than just being filller. That Miltank idea of yours was good, and tbh, Curselax was one of only a few things that worked better. I also saw another rate you did, involving Espeon and Xatu (IIRC). It was very well thought out. Even though you aren't great yet, I still see some little mistakes or Pokemon that can do the job you have, but not well, you have most definitely got better.

    Another thing I like is how you actually respect the raters. I find that we quite often get new people like you who run in here, rate everything in sight, do a bad job of it, flame the raters, and then end up gone. You don't do this, which is pretty unusual in newer raters actually. Most people need someone to put them in their place. I was one of the few who avoided this, and you may well be one of them, too.

    Just be careful. You might have noticed that I was discussing this with Eon Master. He thinks, and I suppose he's right, that it's not hard to become cocky if you rush into it too fast. Just remember the difference between getting better and getting good. They are two very different things. Given your good attitude, I think you will be fine with this, but it's just a warning. Please don't take any offense to it, it's something I would say to any new rater, but yeah. Remember that.

    tl;dr, You're improving. And you have a good attitude for rating. Just be careful of what I said at the end there. /unessecaryamountoffeedbackthatyouprobablydidntneed
    To reply to a message, you have to click on the other persons profile and then post a VM there.

    Hope I helped.
    Actually, the reason why I choose it was because of my own idea for a MM10 character long ago, that and my love of Fossil Pokemon
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