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  • sorry for the wait your request is done at my shop and ready to be picked up ^_^ thanks for ordering...
    hmmm it seems that that images is even worse XD but the thing is that character doesn't show much good images which I need something that would be close to like the guy image you have for the game but seems there are only selected charcters like that :/ I mean I can still use the first image but the banner may be smaller then a normal sig size banner will be then as well as her image on the frag banner will be slightly choppy as well as blurry. up to you want to make you happy :3
    Yeah, just post them there.

    And sure thing, by above do you mean like actually above the actual banner or inside in the top corner?
    I think we'll just take this to VM as it may be a long conversation. putting the images on top would look really strange haha. Exbars have the same thickness, so I'm afraid that there isn't really a way to do it. I could attempt at making like small banners that would be small enough to put in a signature, but as far as userbars work, I'm afraid there's nothing I can do sorry.
    Sorry for the late reply, I've barely been able to get on at all due to my end-of-year testing at school. If someone can code the art in or however it's done, sure I can do the art. And I'll let you know what I think about the fanfic, no worries
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