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Fox Mulder
Last Activity:
Jun 7, 2014
Jun 9, 2011
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Fox Mulder


Fox Mulder was last seen:
Jun 7, 2014
    1. Fox Mulder
      Fox Mulder
      Alright, I'll try and get it out ASAP.
    2. Chapter
      No just PM please :)
    3. Chapter
      What? Summit?
    4. Griever789
      Thank you, I'll try to be useful.
    5. Griever789
      That would work, I'm sorry to incovience you just like I said had some bad experiences giving my email address.
    6. Griever789
      Hm Email huh, I'm not entirely sure if I want to give my email address, bad experiences there. You sure there isn't another way?
    7. Griever789
      Hm what are my options?
    8. mtqc
      I agree. Her storyline sort of revolved around Peter as soon as they got together :T if the relationship had been written a little better I would've enjoyed it more.
      Father/son relationships are one of my favorites though. They were so dynamic to watch~
    9. mtqc
      Baha, don't worry XD Yeah, I agree. I wish they hadn't dropped the whole storyline of The Pattern and everything. What even happened to that? Noooobody knowwwws. Walter and Peter's relationship was what kept me watching the show, honestly. I couldn't care two hoots about Peter/Olivia.
    10. mtqc
      Aw, you started around the same age I did! I started in seventh I think. Or eighth... I can't remember. I just remember it was how I discovered fanfiction and "shipping" was a thing. XD You watch Fringe? It's really good for most of the seasons, though some of it was jumping the shark.
    11. mtqc
      It makes me disappointed that I wasn't born at least 10 years before I was. I was only 8 when the tail end of it was starting to wrap up, I got into it when I was 13. At least I was able to be into it for when the second movie came out XD
    12. mtqc
      Awesome choice in username. >:D The X-Files is my absolute favorite show.
    13. xblader519
      interested in join the defiance we have three houses and we could do with strong members like you.^^ contact me on further notice.
    14. Antithesis
      Just saw your second chapter - that's what I'm talking about. That one's easy to read and doesn't strain your eyes, the first chapter blends together since there's no spacing.
    15. Antithesis
      Sorry for not being clearer, what I meant was you don't hit the "enter" key at the points when you should, so it makes it really tough to read it and focus on one line at a time. It's not like books where you just need to indent.

      For example, with dialogue:

      "This is a line."
      "Here's another line."

      It makes it easier to read, and helps with the rule where you need to have the chapter be at least two pages on Word. It goes with description too:

      The cat jumped on the roof.
      "That's a cat on a roof."
      The cat jumped off the roof.
    16. Antithesis
      Hey. I'd be happy to review your fic, but I think what's turning a lot of people off to it is the spacing. It's a giant wall of text right now, which makes it just about unreadable.
    17. Battlestar
      Heh, i have to say it was the last episode of season one "The Erlenmeyer Flask' when deep throat dies. "Trust no one" i love that line.
    18. Battlestar
      Hi welcome to Team Rocket Corporation.
    19. Battlestar
      Hey awesome Username i love the Xfiles, Also welcome to the forums!
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    Gay, male writer and artist

    Video games (SMT, MGS, and Pokémon), music (Bump of Chicken), writing, drawing, and singing




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    Fox's Art: Legendz, Pokémon, and Sherlock artwork - updated 2/6/14

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    Please PM me if you add me, so I can return the favor.

    Claims: Favorite Video Game-Persona 4: the Golden
    Favorite Video Game Character-Yu Narukami