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  • TBR actually gave me those EV's, but you're welcome.
    Glad I could help ^^
    Thought so. I assume you were just searching for it, judging by your 'recent activity' monitor on your profile?

    That's more or less how it works, as far as I know. If you really want to try it out then talk to Eon Master about it, he's taken on the strategy before. Although you could ask Joe too, as he uses it on a lolShuckle to decent success tbh.

    Also, do you have a method of contact outside of SPPf, like Msn? It'd be nice to talk on there when SPPf is lagging my face off, lol.
    I don't remember either of them using it. I think it was GrumpySnorlax who used it regularly. I remember when I was in the UU Metagame, I used to abuse Registeel everywhere, yet never seem able to beat it myself, lol. Yeah, it can do but it's also amusing; having a Pokémon with near-unbreakable defences behind a Sub is incredibly satisfying against such an unfair opponent as the AI.

    They're extremely hard to execute correctly, as you have to time your usage right. Drapion has a slightly easier time of it because of its invulnerability to Crits but it's still open to hax in general. It can't be used behind a Sub because the move involves physical pressure, which a Sub will ignore.
    Yeah, I wanted to use Aura Sphere at first but I'd get walled madly. Trust me, it's odd in theory but it's actually an absolute beast both offensively and defensively, and its Base 90 Spe isn't too shabby either. For the more defensively inclined,

    • Registeel @ Leftovers
    • (defensive nature)
    • 252 HP / (defensively equalised EVs)
    - Curse
    - Iron Head
    - Amnesia
    - Substitute

    I don't really see anything bad about it tbh. Some people say it's overrated, or unnecessary. I strongly disagree in almost all situations.

    Oh right, that's the one. There is only one flaw in that team tbh, and it's that Acupressure won't work behind Drapion's Substitute.
    Oh really?

    • Lucario @ Leftovers
    • Modest Nature
    • 252 HP / 252 SpAtk / 4 Spe
    - Flash Cannon
    - Calm Mind
    - Iron Defence
    - Substitute


    Ok, that's cool. Substitute is an incredible move, it's far and away one of the best in the game if played well imo.

    Oh right. Yeah, he's insane. Iirc he was using a Mesprit, Drapion and something else?
    Yes, Calm Mind / Iron Defence. I think you'll know the moveset by now, it's pretty standard.

    Nice, that's great. Which Suicune did you use in the end? I'd look but I don't have my DS. ):

    That's not new news, I don't think, but he will be able to go much further with a certain new mechanic introduced in the 5th Gen. Which I won't spoil for you. ;D
    Yeah, I remember how I never used to understand the importance of defences until I used the CMIDLuke. That thing is really awesome.
    Latias is superior to Cresselia due to its fantastic typing, which
    gives it numerous useful resistances. Cressy does have better
    overall defenses, but when it comes to great team synergy,
    and some extra speed, Latias is the way to go. This doesn't
    mean that Cressy is bad by any means, she is actually a pretty
    good choice for some styles of TrickScarf.
    Haha, alright then. I used to play on Shoddy Battle quite regularly, but for various reasons I had to stop, mainly because school's network filter is blocking it. Actually, I've only ever made one serious attempt at the Tower and got lucky with a streak of 143 iirc. I very rarely play the game any more at all, although I have been recently ofc. Your new team is capable of much more than 52 imo, as long as you can play whatever you decide to use as your Water type well enough.

    I remember when I used to think that was seriously broken. Trust me, there is a lot of stuff easily comparable to that. Jadora's ability, Perversity, for example inverts stat changes. When you factor in Jadora's pure Grass typing, high Base Spe and the fact that it gets Leaf Storm, you have a very powerful sweeper indeed, especially if you give it Specs or Scarf.
    I mean a lot of the new Pokemon, really. There are some incredible things out there that make Emboar look awful. For example, take Doryuuzu. Ground / Steel type, 135 Base Atk, Swords Dance, and its ability doubles its speed in a Sandstorm. Gets QuakeEdge, immune to Poison and Paralysis. That's pretty awesome imo. There's a lot like that, as well as individual moves that are broken, like Butterfly Dance.
    It is. I was unsure whether or not I'd like it at first, especially given how everything is now broken, but I'm enjoying it a lot and I know there's some really cool stuff late-game as well. I intended to avoid playing it to get the most possible enjoyment out of it but tbh I'm probably not going to buy it when it comes out in England, so I thought I might as well as get it now.
    As far as the recent IGRMT standards go, you're certainly not bad at all. Of course there's room for improvement, but that is true for all of us.

    Not too much. Had a pretty nice weekend; spent yesterday with the girlfriend, and planning on just doing nothing today since there's no one really around. I've been playing White Version, and I'm really enjoying that.
    Thought we'd take our 'conversation' to VMs since it's just easier imo.

    Well thank you, its nice to be recognized by one of the better IGRMT raters.
    You're welcome, although you don't need to thank me. Everyone deserves equal recognition as long as they're worth talking to, right?
    Thanks dude. ^^

    Apparently sometime last night. Woke up this morning
    and it was done.
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