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  • It means you cannot trade to anyone, but I don't mind if you do because it was your request.
    I have a leftovers I can spare and I might have an eviolite... no master balls though...

    that's okay, I should have known
    Hi, sorry 'bout the delay. I took the liberty of going through the lists, not thoroughly though, and I saw that you didn't have a DWf Clamperl(Rattled) and Aerodactyl(Unnerve). If you're still looking for 'em, I could hook you up with 'em if you'd like~
    I have BP, so what you want is up for grabs... (not too many expensive items though... I don't want to run out)
    whoops, I may not have explained myself well enough... I was looking for those pokes (I don't have any of them) and was thinking about giving you battle items in exchange for the others...
    Didn't know that line came from the Smogon analysis for Politoed, although I never really read it very carefully in first place.

    Glad you like the userbar, but I'm not in any way forcing you to use it in your signature, just wanted to thank you for inspiring me into making it.

    The code is:
    Seel, Staryu, Corsola, Remoraid, Luvdisc, Meowth...

    what do you want for them?

    I have (30-40) DW females, but you already have every single one... is there anything else you're looking for?
    Hello, I saw your huge collection of DW pokemon and was wondering if you had these:
    Tauros, Castform, Seel, Staryu, Corsola, Remoraid, Luvdisc, Meowth, Tyrogue.

    If you are willing to trade for any of these, pleas VM me with your wants
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