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  • Umm, breeding is difficult to learn, but its fairly straigtforward to do, so I don't have many tips.

    Really, just make use of the guy in the nimbasa underground train colliseum thing, the one who can tell you a pokemon's IVs. Its much for effecient then rare candying and then using the IV checker.

    And its obvious, but if you don't already for manipulating the pid, make SURE you have 2 chatots, or at least one. And its very important to remember that taking them out of you're party resets them to having no recorded cry. I can't tell you how many times I hit my frame and was completely ready, just to realize they didn't have a pre-recorded cry.

    And its a simple tip, but taking a little extra time to get a lower number frame to aim for helps too, for breeding, I prefer it to be at least 70-max 150, unless you enjoy hearing chatot's custom cry in your head while you sleep.
    Thanks. I was actually looking for a good one where Ted meets Robin for the first time, but the only one I found was too big. This was a perfectly acceptable replacement though.
    Sorry, I can do it today, on Tuesday my friend was round but later that night I was sick. Just gotten over it :s so sorry!
    I did play Black on an Emulator, but stopped after a while because it ran really slowly, so it was kind of a pain.

    Oh, that's the new game? I've never even heard of that other game.
    Subway, subway... must be a 5th gen thing. Yeah, I guess you could say I've been kinda out-of-the-loop. But I've still been playing the classic games- good old Emerald Battle Frontier.
    Right you are! And why is that? I'm on break, and I have absolutely nothing else to do, so.... yeah.
    You're available tomorrow? I've got work and I'll actually be working late so I'll only be available to trade from 7:00 PM to 10:30 PM. I'm on the United States east coast so that's eastern standard time.
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