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  • Sorry for the late reply. :( I really need to check my messages more often.

    XY is ok. I didn't really like it at first until I began watching more episodes. I think Ash isn't as close to his friends this series which kind of makes it boring to watch sometimes. His interactions with Serena could be better as well IMO, it's like he isn't as close with her as previous girls, which is weird. So I wish they had more episodes together. I think Pokemon Performances could have been more interesting, but they were still fun to watch. Ash-Greninja is sort of interesting, but it's not really my cup of tea. My fav character is probably Clemont, and I wish he had more episodes focused on him. I don't know what else I can say, but I am eager to watch the Kalos League. :) I don't hate this series or any of the characters, but yeah, it is not my favorite, though I'm still having fun watching it. :) How about you?
    I'm glad you are doing well :)

    I'm doing good too.
    What have you been up to? I am preparing to start my Masters Degree in the Fall. I'm kinda nervous... and kinda broke lol.
    Hey! I know, it's been a while. I've been pretty good. Just playing a few video games when I can. The usual lol.

    How have you been?
    Hey :) I'm ok, I've been sick, and finally getting over it. It was a bronchitis of some sort. :( How have you been?
    Hey there :)

    I've been alright. Lots of changes, but manly good. How about you?

    I'm glad you're doing good, too. :)
    Yes! I want Pokemon Contests back! Like badly. lol. I miss them in the anime. :(
    Hey. :D I still try to keep up on Pokemon though I am into other series more nowadays. How are you?
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