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  • Hey it's that one part where Cloud finds Tifa in his house and then he gets knocked out by that one disease...

    Ok so what do you want me to draw?

    lol we're both shy:O
    Hey I just found a website with awesome avatars so look at my profile pic and look at this Namine avvy

    And uh does my Oblivion keyblade look good?
    P.s. I'm barely starting on Oathkeeper^^
    thx and your sig is nice too^^
    it looks like all the costumes there are 100 bucks each so I'll just go for Roxas' shoes
    That one Roxas costume looks better than hte others that I found on other places! ok so you were looking for the advent children Aerith or just the Aerith with the long dress? It was easy to tell that Rino was kinda like Axel because he has red hair, has the same attitude, and talks all sarcastic n stuff
    meanwhile at school, my math teacher yells at us harder now which sucks but I got the most shyest for the yearbook category thing so everything's still ok over here
    [Rejoice Naminè!]
    Marluxia KH2
    yesyes, seniority baby!!! >O oh, and omg, total awesomeness! :D Do you know the date of your graduation? omigosh, I remember my middle school graduation, ugh, total awesomeness XDD
    but newayzzz, danny was so adorable ;o; TMTH, remember <3 My fave AI has to be Jordin Sparks. I love that girl, not only was she part of the first AI season I had ever watched, she was just so... real? XD AND HER SONGS ARE CUTE

    ooh, you go to msn.com, and then search msn messenger, and download :D

    a lady from Peach Girl who I cannot remember right now XD; I can't remember her name, BUT I LOVE THE PICCY.

    I should D: You should go on sppf more D:
    Hey today I watched final fantasy advent children and it was awesome! that one guy with the red hair is kinda like Axel sort of... and Tifa was awesome during that fight with that blue haired guy in that one place with the flowers.
    Oh yeah aren't we supposed to do an art trade?

    And I got a new profile pic so if you want a Namine one then here you go^^
    Hiyaaa :D youshouldnominateintheshippingoscars

    Well, I really did like it! Up until the end XD; that's when it got silly :<

    American Idol pwns all~<3!

    you should get an msn D:
    homework's a curse =(
    uh maybe you should've thought about how many people you wanted to do art trades with...
    Hey I'm game for a Roxas and Naminè banner^^
    so do you know Rinoa from final fantasy?
    School is fine how about you? Uh I learn stuff in school... and excersize for P.E. lol Well everybody jokes around and stuff so thats fun ^^
    Eh no. I live in *coughlookatmymyspacecough*

    "Sora you gotta wake up!"
    [King Mickey KH2]
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