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  • I won't be getting any info on RNGing for another week. If I can do it within your two weeks, I will. Let me know exactly what you want in the next week and I'll get them for you as best I can.
    If you give me a few weeks, I might be able to give them to you with perfect stats. If you don't have a few weeks to wait, I'll get started as soon as possible, though they will not have perfect stats.
    That's a really tough choice. If it were a Water Absorb Politoed, I would recommend a bulky one. But with Drizzle... It might be better to go with a bulky one as well. That way it'll be less likely to be taken out.

    With Ninetales, go with offensive. It simply isn't bulky enough to train to be bulky. If that makes any sense at all.

    Do not worry about setting up Stealth Rock, as it won't help you enough to use a turn setting it up. However, since no one on your team resists it, you should have someone (Blastoise) able to get rid of it.
    I can't get you anything with perfect stats (yet), but I can get them with good stats. Just let me know what natures you want.
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