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  • How come u say that u are a bunny.

    but u have a Snorlax as avatar?

    That does not make any sence at all.
    I advice you to use a bunny pokemon instead.

    Like buneary
    I definitely want someone who has Ho-oh,
    so I can do a quick trade-back for Ho-oh's Entry
    in my Diamond. A quick 10 second trade-back is all I need.
    I've been in a little hurry, but no one has offered it at all.
    I posted that I've been looking for it, but nothing... Just PM me, please.
    lol i caught a shiny mewtwo 2 days ago in my FR great IVs its just lax nature. just thot id let u know i got my first 1/8192 shiny
    Thanks dude!

    Btw I added you on YM!

    PS: Just message me when you are ready to trade then. Thank you so much! You have been a big help with my team buddy!
    Hey dude I think u should give me your aim if u have 1 because I have lots to tell u so u can tell me or add me and message me asap at Jason10469
    Hey dude I got stone edge now so I'm good and ready to trade so yeh I sent u a pm to remond u wat we're gonna be tradin so yehh I gess I'll cya in wifi wen I cya m8 :)
    I know dude. But my Masquerain killed a Garchomp, and Azelf before in one of the battles online that I have. Sometimes its surprising. But yeah Masquerain or should I say most bug pokemon are not worth it.
    Oh yes.. Surskit and to extent Masquerain is no ordinary bug! They can learn Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, Psywave etc from breeding.. Unfortunatley it lacks the speed to sweep..

    Wow really? I did not noticed when I hatched it. But I do recall I bred a batch of Surskit when I was preparing to transfer it to before the Platinum release.. Time flies so fast and now I am preparing for HG/SS.

    Well you can EV train it too dude.. 252 SPA, 252 Speed and 4 in HP.. Though its still a bug pokemon.

    Oh and stupid Japanese female timid eevee.. it doesn't give me a timid offspring even though its holding an Everstone!
    Dude take care of the Surskit lol its my fave pokemon..

    Well even if you don't use it er.. place keep it as a token or something.

    Thanks again dude.. I bred the Surskit btw..
    Thanks for checking it for me. Well its alright, do you have many shiny Eevees?

    Well just hit me up whenever you get done then.

    Yes EV training can be a pain but I think its worth it, especially in competetive play! Well hopefully this week will be a good one! Have fun!
    You can always check the HP of your Eevee when you got the time.. You might be busy for that. So take your time dude..

    Well around what time then for the trade? Thanks dude..

    I will be starting EV trainin tonight or tomorrow. I sometimes hate EV training you know.. cause they take so much time.

    Btw are you back in School now?
    Oh ok then.

    Just tell me when can you trade the Solrock then!

    WOW totally jealous man.. How did you managed to get a shiny Swablu? And an Adamant too! Its seems like we have some common pokemon that we like. I like Umbreon and Altaria and so do you!
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