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Frank The Bunny
Last Activity:
Sep 1, 2010
Nov 19, 2009
Likes Received:
Being everywhere and doing everything

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Frank The Bunny

01001011101010101001, from Everywhere

Frank The Bunny was last seen:
Sep 1, 2010
    1. Eeveemaster
      Its all right mate... I just thought you need it asap. Well just hit me up if you need any items or something. LOL I know you have much legendaries and shinies than I am!

      Oh dude don't worry, I don't need Solrock that badly.. I just want it to complete my dex. Though as I mentioned before I haven't gotten everything but Solrock is the only pokemon I can not obtain.

      Oh and dude I finally got a Shiny Altaria! Though it was from a trade so I am thinking of it as my flier for Soul Silver.

      So dude, what do you want for your Solrock? Any items/TM/pokemon you want? Oh and I might be able to breed you a pokemon with distinct move and nature. Just try me..
    2. Eeveemaster
      Dude I might be able to give you Stone Edge if you are looking for one! Since I dont use rock type pokemon nor use rock type moves.. I'm pretty confident I still have my TM's for it. Just name any TM or any Pokemon you want (I aslo have Tru Dragonite if you want). Lol I told you we should help each other! So just ask!
    3. Eeveemaster
      Oh so that is an R4 its like a memory card.

      I hear your pain dude. It sucks that we dont have a car! Well we will evetually get one!

      Hey its alright dude.. I got one from a wild chansey yesterday. Thanks alot man.. But have you got a Solrock in habd btw?
    4. legend9909
      Kk I'm on now if u wanna trade but like I sed can I giv u stone edge in a cuple days? If that's alleight :) ty m8
    5. Eeveemaster
      Lol sorry for being ignorant but whats an R4?

      Why thank you dude. Its hard looking for a job when you don't have a car lol.

      Hey dude do you have extra Lucky Eggs?
    6. Aieny
      great, thank you friend ! !
    7. Eeveemaster
      Hey you have Heart Gold now dude?
      Is it a Japanese Version?

      Well enjoy your remaining vacation to the fullest!

      As for myself besides managing my pokemon game, I am slowly getting into my job at a home care. But as an on call though. Still looking for a job in the medical field. Oh and I applied at Target today so crossing my fingers!
    8. legend9909
      ready 2 trade tru dragonite etc wen u r. pm me wen u r ready to trade :)
    9. Aieny
      ready when you are :)
      2 thungs:
      it's a riolu not a lucario
      and second appernately phanpy has 31 atk iv too :)
      do you happen to have a spare t-wave/stone edge tm you could shere?
    10. Eeveemaster
      Dude how are you?
      As for me I'm getting ready for the release of HG/SS!
      I've bred my eevee's, got the Toy R Us Arceus, Shiny colored Pichu, Jirachi event and most item I'm gonna need for the team. They are ready to be traded on my Soul Silver!
      Wish March would come quick!

      How are you man?
    11. Aieny
      coooool ^^

      we'll talk later than ^^
    12. Aieny
      o.k, sure. :)
      what's its o.t??
      I had to ask... :P
    13. Aieny
      BTW, no disrespect or anything, but i wanted to ask where did you get jirachi from?
      it is legit right?
    14. Aieny
      sounds o.k :D

      i'll have to check agine 'cause actualy i don't remember if it has 31 IV in atk or Satk...
      I'll get back to you on that later :)
    15. Aieny
      NP :)
      lucarion has 31 attack IV only... hope that was clear :/
      ammm i'm at work so I'll be home roughly 10 hours from now. any time after that is o.k i guess
    16. Aieny
      which 2?
      and we'll have to wait since I'm not home...
      will you be available, say, 12 hours from now?
    17. Aieny
      both of them can hold any 1-50 tm.
      i also have IV lucarios BTW.
      tell me what you think
    18. Aieny
      how about iv breed x/31/x/x/x/x larvitar (adment/jolly) with DD?
    19. Aieny
      would you like a shiny UT phanpy in return for the level 5 jirachi??

      Edit: completely legit of course :P
    20. samuuurai
      ill clone for you and throw in additional shinies for free.you can trust me ive been here for two years and am a pro at cloning
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  • About

    Being everywhere and doing everything
    Favourite Pokémon:
    I'm everything you want me to be.



    Platinum fc: 5414 0405 2701
    Diamond fc: 4641 0059 9651

    Can breed starters for all regions.
    Can offer a lot of good IV and beneficial smogon set nature pokemon w/ egg moves. (contact me for details)
    Can offer any legendary with smogon set beneficial natures and good IVs for those of you looking to complete your dex or get into battling.

    Can offer Macho Brace, Life Orbs, Expert Belts, Rare Candies, PP Up, PP Max, Lucky Eggs, Leftovers, any berry, any power up item, just about any item.
    Can offer Pokerus.

    Shinnies owned:
    Too many to list now x_x pm for list if interested.
    Looking for:
    Events I don't have. No more shinies.

    If you REALLY want to get my attention add me to aim or yahoo and you can talk trades there.