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  • try for the 0iv on all. Might want to add a regi. They can be useful w/ High def. to paralyze pokes if they take away your trick room users.
    well set up pokes U need at least 3 in your team. Use variety every time. Depending on your team. Brozong gets old and he gets taunted a lot. There's claydol which I just got which is really good. Porygon2 people dont expect him as Trick rom user.

    Also there's dusknoir, slowbro. It all depends and If you use trick room I suggest using pokes with lots of defence. Because youll get hit first & u need to survive to set up trick room.

    For sweeping I usually explode on the turn after trick room is used. Then start fresh with a slow but Max Atk sweeper with a variety.. try machamp, aggron, camerupt etc.
    Anything slow with a variety of attacks hat can pretty much KO in 1 hit.
    looks like a yes, anyways thank you very much man, you've done me a great service. its only natural i pay u back so if u need anyone whacked......or if u just need something on pokemon lemme know i'll try my best to get it for ya! peace out
    and a shiny rapidash? bloody hell its weird we have 3 of the same pokemon, shiny ponyta, infernape AND luxray. i take it u want em back after ryt?
    oh man u rule, u wouldnt mind doin me a huge favour and givin me one of each? I'll try give u some items if u need any, (with the traded pokes)
    nah man its cool, i barely play, the only time i get is weekends on which i go CRAAAAZYYY! no but seriously, i have a lot of schoolwork
    I KNEW IT! lol no normal zapdos is like tht. i thought you were non EV'd. doesnt matter i got back into EVing yday, may as well make the most of the game etc. i still need all the power items so im aiming for 96 BP when i have free time
    lol cheers, urs is really good, i like to think that i had the strategy, just wasn't executed well haha. how is ur zapdos so defensively inclined? its ridiculous! :p
    yeah i hope to battle u sometime too man, cya soon
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