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    Hey, I joined your forum and it looks pretty good. Altough I don't think that advertising via VM is a good idea. If you need any help with moderating your forum, you can always ask me. I've pretty much experience with all that sort of stuff and I lead a very big social group here. Hope to hear from you.
    I am sorry....but being on serebii is enough for me.../:
    but don't give up :) I am sure u will do just great ^____^
    going through peoples profiles to advertise generally isnt good either. o_O

    You should make an active serebii account, and Advtertise your site with a banner that advertises your website with a link to it.
    I have joined, And I can moderate your forums if you need help. I moderate another friends forum so I have general knowledge about moderation.
    Hey, buddy gtfo noone wants to join your ****ing **** forum, so stfu and stop trying to **** people up the butt so you can get them to join
    Don't take this the wrong way but I don't know anything about you and vice-versa and you just want me to be a adminstrator for you
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