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Apr 3, 2019
Aug 14, 2012
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Wandering Wanderer

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Apr 3, 2019
    1. Princess Raspberyl
      Princess Raspberyl
      Thank you for the trade. ^^
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    I am but a humble internet wanderer, playing some poking mans, and getting way too invested in the life and times of video game characters. Like, WHY DID THE MERCHANT HELP LEON IN RE4?! HE WAS A GANADO! WAS HE PLANNING A COUP?! DID HE GENUINELY CARE ABOUT LEON'S PLIGHT?! WHY DID HE SEEM COMPLETELY UNAFFECTED BY THE LAS PLAGAS BRAINWASHING?! THESE ARE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS THAT MUST BE ANSWERED!


    All you really need to have to be a good pokemon breeder is a destiny knot, an everstone, and the willingness to receive eggs from someone that doesn't know where they came from.

    3DS Friend Code - 1092 - 3975 - 1528