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Last Activity:
May 13, 2010
Jan 5, 2006
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The forests of BC.
Diplomat of the Balance (Alliance of Otherkin and

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Wolf, and proud., from The forests of BC.

-Freedom'sWarrior- was last seen:
May 13, 2010
    1. DKzM0mA
      Well, I'm not exactly innocent, so don't worry about it.

      And little sibings can suck sometimes.
    2. DKzM0mA
      Now Now.

      Don't get mad, I was just a little busy. :p.

      I posted.
    3. johny2hai
      huh, its good to hear how its coming along. :) Good luck with everything :)
    4. johny2hai
      cool your own book huh, what is the genre or what type is it?
    5. johny2hai
      hi, :) your writing is good too, and it is very interesting:)
    6. Zincspider
      Strange... try making it shorter. This happened to me, and it was because it was to long...or I thought it was.
      It kept saying server error, so I cut half of it off, and posted both parts seperate. If this doesn't work, I don't know what to tell you.
    7. LordOfTheSceptile
      Please Please post on Black and White.
    8. Zincspider
      I did notify you.
      I posted a message telling you two days ago. I don't know where it went though.
    9. Zincspider
      You ready to post on the RP?
      I have instated a new rule, that if you don't post within two weeks, without giving a reason why you haven't posted, I will have to ban whoever did it.
      I am not insinuating, I am just letting the people who haven't posted yet know.
      I understand that people can't be on all the time, but I need to make sure that it keeps going without dieing.
    10. DKzM0mA
      Don't know what I meant actually >.>...

      I'm Jason.
    11. ~*Nobody*~
      I only friend my friends so I'm going to say no to your friend request right now. Sorry!
    12. DKzM0mA
      I'm sure we'll make our characters run that RP =p
    13. Spooky Butt
      Spooky Butt
      I stole yours now >=)
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  • About

    The forests of BC.
    Diplomat of the Balance (Alliance of Otherkin and
    Favourite Pokémon:
    You can call me Kanishtaa.


    |. FanBanner made by me by scratch :D .|
    "Hear the silence
    preaching my blame.
    Will our strength remain
    if their power reigns?

    See who I am,
    break through the surface.
    Reach for my hand,
    And show them that we can
    free our minds and find a way.
    The world is in our hands,

    This is not the end. "

    Status: Taken
    Claims: 'You Can't Take Me' by Bryan Adams
    Best Friends: Spooky Butt and shifter5