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  • Vrei sa pleci dar nu-mã, nu-mã iei
    Nu-mã, nu-mã iei, nu-mã, nu-mã, nu-mã iei
    Chipul tãu si dragostea din tei
    Mi-amintesc de ochii tãI.
    Hey I might need a banner for a forum I'm apart of actually..

    Color: Sky blue
    Text: Pokelight Forums near the bottom left corner of the banner. Make it easily visible. Font is your choice, just anything that suits the rest of the banner
    Images: http://i35.*******.com/4zwc9v.jpg
    Use the mountain and clouds in the original banner please :)
    I want it to be similar but your so great at this so I think you will make it really nice :)
    And a border please--Anything that suits the rest of the banner..

    If you extra images ill get them for you
    hi Frexel it has been a little while since i spoke to you so it's good to hear from you again^^

    i'm very satisfied with the banner you made so i should be fine for some time but if i find someone who could use a good banner then you'll be the one that will be mentioned, i'm busy as a mentor for nwew members at the adopt a newbie thread so from time to time there are people who search for banners.

    maybe i might have needs for a christmasbanner soon.
    Thanks xD
    I actually don't need that anymore I got it fixed..
    Anyways do you have a shop?
    I'd like to request a banner maybe, since I love your work so much
    Th banner and Avatar you made me say are no longer working :(
    I now you closed your shop but Is there a possibility that you can make me remakes of them? I can supply you with the images.

    that banner you made a while back drawes alot of attention from the people i know on these forums frexel, this banner you made is truly priceless:)

    some person i adopted bin the newbie section (sounds weird i know) will be looking for a good banner as well if he sais he needs one can i send him to you then?
    Oh, that makes sense. But why are they being snooty? About the banners? What's wrong with the banners? Nothing thats what. Their AWESOME!!! :D
    I was just checking out your profile and I saw your sig..
    Just wanted to say bye and thanks so much for my banner and avatar
    I'm glad to have seen your shop before you leave/left

    ~ Phendrona
    Hello, just looking at DanChimchar's new banner, and I have to say, WOW! That's really good! How do you make banners like THAT?!
    Thanks again for the awesome banner, Frexel!! I'm trying to make the story as good as the banner now. I think you need more friends, I'm friending you!!

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