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Recent content by Freya

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    Proof that anyone is fit to mod Misc.

    Proof that anyone is fit to mod Misc.
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    Well, if they'll make you and Rave staff, then I guess anything is possible now.

    Well, if they'll make you and Rave staff, then I guess anything is possible now.
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    Lol, you're staff now? Man, I've been gone a long time.

    Lol, you're staff now? Man, I've been gone a long time.
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    Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb

    (X '____') I was very satisfied with ep one, been waiting forever for more Hidamari~ Sae and Hiro are so cute together.
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    Best Comedy Anime

    I found Nichijou, Yuru Yuri, and Sora no Otoshimono pretty funny. Nichijou is probably one of the best things Ive seen recently, actually.
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    Top Loli Thread

    I just personally feel like if the body type fits they can still be loli, but eh, if Im wrong then Ill stand by my wrong-ness.
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    Top Loli Thread

    Oh boy, a loli/send me to prison thread. I got all sorts of fine-*** lolis to donate to this thread. inb4 I horrendously offend someone because I broke someone's personal definition of what is and isnt loli No real order of preference beyond the first 3...
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    Worst Anime World to be in

    This is pretty accurate. Off the top of my head, living in the town in Uzumaki would be all kinds of shitty, though iirc Uzumaki is only a manga, and doesnt have an anime. I guess Mirai Nikki would be my second choice, because I am not man enough to live out a kill or be killed survival game. :<
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    Rise, my Black Feathered Darlings (YGO)

    I would definitely recommend a Vayu. I've played this deck on and off for years and I always found Vayu to be a very helpful card. Be it something you set as a bait/for Icarus attack or if you summoned it via crashing Shura and then you summoned Librarian/Catastor/Android. Vayu also just sets up...
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    Nutter t.KK finds the Yugioh Bus

    2 days late but still curious. Im not really sure where youre from, but I guess your profile says North-Western England. Is this Yugioh bus thing a Europe/England thing only and what exactly is it? I havent heard of it till now.
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    Cardfight vangaurd- any good?

    As someone who got into it recently, I'd say its a good game if you just want to have fun and not think too deeply. Its hugely based on luck and its an overall simple game, but thats not a bad thing.
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    Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (Humanity has Declined)

    I wasn't really expecting anything good out of this show, but after sitting down with some friends and watching the first episode, I must say the bread got me interested in future installments...
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    Memorable Fight Scenes

    I really need to watch this. @__@ Everytime I see scenes from it I always laugh and enjoy the animation. Not really a fight scene, but just a memorable and one of my favorite moments from Mirai Nikki. Other than that, I can't say anything immediately comes to mind that would classify as a...