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Mar 28, 2014
Aug 6, 2013
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freyaaaa was last seen:
Mar 28, 2014
    1. Walsar
      Hey if you are still on im available for a few mins to trade
    2. jjbean
      your message box is full
    3. SunTea07
      read my pm freyaaaa :)
    4. SmeargleRocks
      None are shiny, just got through chain IV breeding impish aron though, the offspring will have Curse, Head Smash, Iron Head, and Superpower and all impish though
    5. SmeargleRocks
      For that shiny unburden Hawlucha I can offer 31/xx/31/31/31/31 Modest Crunch, Ancientpower, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Dance Male Solar Power Charmander, 4IV Male Impish Immunity Gligar, 5IV Glory Goomy, rare candies and any BP Item in the battle Chateaux except the ability Capsule, let me know if your interested or not :)
    6. joakimthegamer
      Is your inbox full or something? I have sent several pms to you about the trade we were talking about a couple of days ago, but I have received no answer? Send me a pm so I know will ya.
    7. Skying
      If you still have access to a Ditto, could I possibly bug you for one? If I get one, I could breed you an Elekid, and Froakie/Charmander, if you're interested. Thanks!
    8. Eeveemaster
      Hi there,

      Can you possibly help me with a Ditto?
    9. Roxbury1990
      Your inbox is full ha
    10. Blasting Toise
      Blasting Toise
      I am available tomorrow and sunday but then I'm leaving for two weeks. Could we trade this weekend?
    11. LCD
      Unfortunately, someone has already claimed the Meloetta with a shiny Genesect. c: I hope you can find another one!
    12. Cloneydew2000
      How goes the Victini I traded you a while back? Drifblim is great, but its been a while since I played apart from attempting the Masuda Method. However, as soon as I get a successful shiny its back to Drfiblim training!
    13. stylesbk
      Make any decision's yet about the trade?
    14. Lewsafurr
      im done cleaning and just sitting around so let me know when you are ready to trade
    15. x.a.x
      What do you have ?
    16. stylesbk
      Well then it look's like i'll manage to catch that well bfore X/Y come out but then by that time the whole battle scene will have changed and everyone will be switching up there teams. Oh well I'll message you the list tomorrow afternoon and we'll go from there adios.
    17. stylesbk
      Yeah I had totally forgot about the dream radar until I watched the Pokemon National Championship stream and saw the Landorous form that I wanted and was reminded you oculd only get it on the dream radar and then I realized how cheap it was and then regretting not getting it a long time ago. How long do you think it'll take for me to get all 3?
    18. stylesbk
      Actually i'm just a casual battler I don't EV/IV train or worry about natures and gender's. I was actually browsing through the Pokedex and checking out Pokemon I like and what their DW abilities were and when I saw chimchar's I wanted it. I don't even know what steps to take to try and get some of those Pokemon from the DW. But I did finally buy the dream radar so I can get the other forme's of Land,Thun,Torn. I may use them for real battling.
    19. Celestial Moth
      Celestial Moth
      Hey, please tell me what time you will be on next and when you can trade asap ^.^
    20. Celestial Moth
      Celestial Moth
      awsome cant wait to see you :)
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