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    Dark pulse deinos and ice punch sneasels are a pain in the butt to get, but the good news is that I have a box of each that I'm looking to offload. They all have one or more perfect IV's (bred with a flawless ditto) and varying natures.

    I'd really like to get shinies for them but I'll look at any offer. Shoot me a PM if you're at all interested.
    I'm always willing to help you get rid of those pesky shinies. Just toss'em over here.

    I can IV breed and EV train on request

    Black FC: 3009-7563-1626
    id like 1 of each please. wat do u want? be warned i not that good
    Thank you so much. It's fine you took a while :) I have been wanting a good 5th gen special sweeper. I have class from 6 to 9. Do you want to do it when I get out?
    Hey, I am interested in a dark pulse Deino. I don't have any shines at all =[ It can be your worst Deino if you want. I have 6 ev trained pokemon. Emboar, Blissey, Toxicroak, Haxorous, Mr, mime, and ferrothorn. If you are interested in any of those let me know and I will give you what they are trained in and other details. Haxorous is my baby lol so I hope you don't want him. I am really interested in a Deino though. Please let me know if you will trade.
    Hey I wad wondering if I could get a Dark Pulse Deino and if you could Ev train it 64 HP / 252 SpA / 192 Spe . If so I am offering DWF Shiny UT Flawless Bagon With Dragon Dance and DWF Shiny UT Flawless Dratini.
    Oh ok :) Well thank you. I will let you know when I can trade you your payment and I hope your brother feels better soon.
    Hey man sorry to hear about your bro. I had mine removed back in grade 8 and I know how much it hurts. But I remember getting a crap ton of ice cream in the following weeks so take the good with the bad lol. Anyways if your around can I grab those two Pokemon from you.
    Hm. I dunno, I still gotta find someone who can hit me up with a clone who wont take it and spread it around their shop, since my cloner is out of town.
    Yeah yeah I wont. Aw, that stinks for your bro. No matter, glad you visited your bro instead of sitting home and playing pokemon :D
    Hey mate, I'm gonna take you up on your offer for the ditto.
    Anyways, sorry to be one of those annoying customers who check in every 10 minutes(I know how that feels...) but hows the training going?
    Sure no problem. Give me a shout over the weekend when you have some free time and we can trade. Also, if I could get that Gastly back from you I'd appreciate it. :)
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