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  • It's annoying global warming. Oh yeah i was wondering you probably haven't but have you seen any english programs like Top gear (immensly funny) and doctor who?
    yeah snows really fun until it melts, but my Mum was really lucky she used to get six feet of snow when she was young. At school we're doing stuff on america at the moment in history
    how lucky! i live in north carolina. it rarely snows here. it ben 1 3/4 of a year scence ive had snow. but i remeber, once, i snowed,so a made a 6" snow man, but the snow quikly melted away. so i threw the snowman as a snowball at my little bro. *SPISH*.... it melted 2...
    Yeah, it's really good, although it's a bit cold at the moment. where i live (in Gloucester) they get the ice rink out through december, and some of january, it's really fun.
    kooooooooooooooool! so, any-who, im ok. just a little fever. but i'll be fine. so you live in the UK? im in the US. whats it like there?
    Yeah, fine, today i was doing this 'flying start challenge' thing, where we make a glider in a group out of bosar wood, tissue paper, etc. and see who can get theirs to fly the furthest distance, in january we get to do the practical bit (yay!). And in january it's my birthday, and then i'm doing skiing lessons so i'm ready for the school/ski trip (we are going to austria) then on next years trip i'm going to america to ski
    Cool, hey what are you getting for xmas? (sorry, i wasn't really that specific, i've got all the lego games, except lego batman & Indiana Jones, but i might be getting them for xmas)
    not sure. but on lego batman, my custom person's name is salphron sly, aka salphron the sly, and on starwars, queen may. <part time queen, full time jedi!
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