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  • Hang on while i reload my CANDY CANNON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'll stick a can of relentless in too for good measure
    Fairy snuff
    got a chronic hangover!!!!! actually feel like ****
    lol, dunno why i'm on serebii like this but still
    if you find it sexy then I shall moan LOUDER!!!!

    What would you have done if i was a 10 year old who barely understood that sentence?
    you can , ask the mods to change the club name, and change the entire first post.

    You can do it. I kinda see your point though. my club failed, it was the runescape club. but then I was noob at this forums
    I mean this in a nice way, your club is gonna fail and die because its limited to one pokemon trainer. You should change it to the forgotten and manga pokemon charecters such as yellow,red,blue ect. so that there can be more discusion.

    Your only topics will be why you like chris, which is the joining post, and what the favorite kris thing.
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