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  • Hey, I got the code I wanted yesterday. We can still trade though if you want, but can we lessen the number of events I give to maybe 2? And Mew is not available anymore.
    (my connection is so bad, I couldn't send you a PM <_<)
    WHEW, thanks so much for the trade! Sorry it took awhile to do! @@ Had you needed cloning done? I"m not sure that I'd have time for it now, but could get it back to you maybe tomorrow?
    got that recent event shiny Mewtwo, or a decent cosplay Pikachu? (dont know if i asked for the pikachu before.
    lol. your box is full again
    Your PMs are full. I mistook a 5 for an S, so the second set of your letters should be E5QF instead of ESQF on your Arceus code. That's completely my fault.
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