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    Gameteen.net is latest online free 10,000 popular flash games with greatest players, fun games, play now.

    Nope. I gave crit on that one. Why would I give crit on one that's mine...

    But mine is there...somewhere...in the poll...

    ... hey you...

    ...you say you know who's entry is who's...

    ...in the tournament...

    Can you guess which is mine?
    its ok. im not offended. i thought u mighta just liked the sprite but then i saw ur profilee picture, so, you know
    Its one of my friends but he isnt on serebii or anything and i dont know his email. sorry! and no, hes not blueghosty. will i get rid of all them from my fakedex? because ive made a thread on my game but i never put them up just encase.
    Oh, Sorry About the lectino sprite thing. I got it from a friend in an email. i didnt know it was blueghostys. Are lectarex, lectrodon, betafray, synthisect, smokub, burbear, apaton and brontoroc his too? they are of the same design so they could be his
    I want to say it was pretty good. I just read chapter two. The personalities were portrayed pretty good. You showed us more than told us a story, which was great!
    My only qualm is the whole evolution challenge seemed almost too easy, and not suspenseful enough. It seemed to be set up as a hard task, but it seemed to be rather quick and easy.

    It was still great though.

    Lucas and Michael are pretty funny.

    ><> Truth
    Totally Sorry. I haven't been reading many fics lately. Been really busy with school and preparing for me future.

    Ill try to do that soon.

    Sorry again

    ><> Truth
    My taste in music is awfully strange. I should do some research to find patterns in the stuff that I like.

    I love movie scores, such as those from Harry Potter I-III, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Edward Scissorhands, The Matrix Trilogy, The Dark Knight, The Chronicles of Narnia, Pan's Labyrinth, Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, and both volumes of Kill Bill.

    Next come video game scores like Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, Final Fantasy, Fable, Silent Hill, American McGee's Alice, Myst, and BioShock. Also have some TV show soundtracks from Death Note, Pokémon, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

    Aside from instrumentals, I also enjoy artists liiiike Cascada, a little Rihanna every now and then, some Basshunter, Imogen Heap, The Dresden Dolls, Muse, Tori Amos, The Hush Sound, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Groove Coverage, Paramore, and Vienna Teng. Throw in some not-so-mainstream Chinese and Japanese artists, and you have my entire music collection. XP
    You never told me what fanfic it is you wanted me to review. :p Remember too, I can't review anything that hasn't had any new posts in over a month because as far as I know, this is against the rules.

    But yeah; I've got lots of work nowadays, so while I might appear to be around a lot, I'm not necessarily doing much here. Reviewing takes a fair bit of work, for me. As I said; this is why I'm not on the Reviewer's thread.

    Writing, drawing, mostly... I like studying, oddly enough. I read resource texts, more often than novels of any kind.

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