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  • Yeah, that's great. Post it in the thread if you havn't yet.

    I can't post it in the first post AON, my school has little to no picture-viewability.
    The concept seems really well-off for it. Pretty simple so far maybe... *Checks Dragonfly Wiki* Okay, I see this happening; Give it faint, absolutely near-unnotable blue on the back where there would be wings on it's Evos. And, yes, wings'll be blue. Also, the tip of the tail, can you make it a tad wider near the tip? it makes it more believeable, as well as being pretty good looking anyways, at least in my head.

    -These are not alot of changes, by the way.
    Actually no, I think it may be better if you used a Metapod referance for fase one, Kakuna and Dragonair(Crazy, I know) for fase two, and Vibrava and... Crazy, but Aggron and Heracross might work for fase three. Not going to be with the giant craziness, but the body structure mostly.

    Yeh, that's what I feel for it.
    ...We don't have OWs... The Party Icon things? You don't have to follow the Party Icons, if that's what yer saying. But we have no OW as of now.
    Like... You see the facial shield-thing? I'm going to call it a shield... Anyways, on the top, like at the bottom edges. The whiskers on the top of the head would make it look kind of like just something to cover it's bald spot, and I think it'd look better like it but I can't seem to get it right :/

    Oh yeah, and my size was off a bit. It's meant to be about Mamoswine big.
    Yeah I'll try my hand at this version. You've definitely developed it farther though, so I'll just head the rest of it. You can try uh... Either start with the Fire Starter like you were going to do a bit back, or go with a Relief. (Relief being something to sharpen your skills on another subject for a bit to keep yourself from getting to one-sided; a two-edged sword is better used both ways then one side being useless.)


    11+1 for that last shade, reuse some colors. Plus, I thought it was 18. And I didn't mean use these actual colors on it.

    And I thought it'd look cool in brown before but I realized Opals are Pale-ish, so I went with this.

    ...Is this making sense?
    Main colors, alright; the main color is a palish color, like uh... *Googles "Opal"*

    Like this, but with the different pale-ish colors of Purple, Blue, Red, Green and so on.

    That help?
    You could also incoorporate Humbleness, Regality and Casuality if you feel like it'd help.(Imagine a Dragon dressed as a Spartan drinking Coffee and inviting you to come over without raising a Xiphos. I think that's a good visual.)
    Figured this would come up. Okay, the design is farely open, but the design draws inspiration from Spartan's war methods(Phalanx, the Shield, Intimidating) and the act of Punishment to wrongdoers, while still looking like a governmental, or sofisticated, being. Interpret that however you like, and keep it in mind while editting. That help?
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