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  • ...There's an absolute difference between the two... Uh, that doesn't, er, look like what it would fit as, for two big reasons; It's way too large(Mine was only a tad too small), and it's not, er, "Cute" enough for it. I'll get to work on the Fairy Legend and leave you to other things if you like, especially since I've gone and asked you to do a lot. Try the Opal Legend a bit earlier, I'll handle the Fairy Legend, OK?
    That looks great, post it in the thread and I'll add it. Oh, and I've got an OK Scratch for the Fairy Legend, but it's too small and some of it is a bit funky, can you try a bit for it?
    Eyes are good now, and that little teeth fixed did more than you think to change it. Now, just stump the feet up a bit... Not, like, literal stumps, just, Y'know.
    It looks really good and to-part with what I think, but maybe make it look angrier (The eyes are easily changed that way), The legs should still be shortened and maybe the teeth could be adjusted a bit, but otherwise it's perfect :D
    You forgot the flames coming out of the top in the shape of leaves. I typed that up in the thread, didn't I? I think I did... Anyways; I hate the nose, no offence, but it makes it look like the difference between "Oh look, the Wildfire Pokemon(That's the alias it'll go by)!" and "Oh look, the Hauted Tree Pokemon!". I see the difference in the new arm, and it fits well. The other arm can be placed in a "I'll win" kind of position (Like, Y'know, gives off that body language), and the Legs could be editted a bit shorter and thicker. How's that?
    I think you could probably go, like, all out on this'n, as it's not very well proportioned/shaded/legend-esque right now, but thanks for the enthusiasm XD

    There's these little splotches of color on the shield ...thing... and the claws that could also be added more into.

    Other than that, just make it as varied as you like. Oh yeah, and I got the shields from a Spartan thought. *It kicks the Peridot legend off of cliff*
    Alright then. I started on this one, but it doesn't want to go well. After you finish that, can you go ahead and make this Opal-Cover-Worthy?
    I want to get a quick look here before I actually place it in.

    I'd say you probably let myself rocketeer up from "OK Spriter" to "Seasoned" though, so I've gotta say thanks :D
    Hmm... I'm gonna take those in Paint and see if I can tinker around with them both... the eyes and head are good, but the arm you made better makes the other arm seem useless; and it looks like he's trying to use the useless one. It'll just take a sec.

    Sorry, I deleted this thinking you didn't see it? I'm tinkering around with them side-by-side. I've almost got it presentable.
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