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  • I'd thought Yellow or Purple through and through, technically that's yellow, and Purple didn't work out when I tried. And yes, you can mess with it a bit... If you could touch up the arms and eyes to make it more correct, I'd appreciate.
    Does this look any better?

    No problem.

    Oh, and I gotta ask, do you have any advice for facial features on one of these? I only have a little bit of space to work with, and my usual know-how of it doesn't seem to fit. Any words of wisdom?
    Like... It's like a Plume of fire, but the fire is, as it's whole, in the shape of the leaves, and there's a few details every once in a while that looks like leaves... In short term both?
    It'd be great if you could try the flaming tree thing. I'm really big on this one, so make sure it's got the burnt roots acting as feet, as they're twisted together but loose and it looks like it'd work even though it looks like it wouldn't(Not too confusing?) and the top of the log-body is charred and burnt off with flames coming out in the shape of tree leaves, but the hands are completely improv. There, that one good?
    I'm being confusing that much? Uh...

    The Fire/Ghost line, either one. I've no idea how they'll look besides those Party Icons, so you can do exactly whatever you like for them.

    And by the Forest Ghost, yeah, I meant the Grass/Ghost. The Grass/Fire is in a split-stage-evo-stone Evo line, Y'know, that one with the tree... and the flaming tree... and the little tree. This is why I don't like talking in low detail by the way.
    Tsk, Why'd you go and answer me on your own profile? Ah well. Anyways; I'd rather it be only the little one for now, 'cause I can give the Forest ghost one a shot... I swear I'll take longer on this one.

    Well, I'll do it after I finish this one Splice I want to work on...
    Alright, in the thread(Which I assume you've found) has the list of ideas at the beginning. Try out maybe the Fire/Ghost, the one with the two party icons, one too big and one too small.
    Oh uh... It's fine, and, uh, would you maybe mind help out with some others? It may be a bit of a long shot, but that is crazy good, and I'd appreciate the help.
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