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  • You spy!! *alerts the U.N.* Now I guess I'll sit here and burn while they come and take you away for questioning, you international spy.
    I'm not talking about taking their side...I'm talking about the fact that most arguments are started by opinions wanting it to be this way or that way. Not because people want to get facts straight, thats the middle man trying to solve it. "Logical people", while i understand and agree with us trying to lean towards logic, tend to always be sarcastic and ruthless in arguments. I don't see how bias is avoidable, and i also don't see the point of "logic beatdowns" as I call it...its more emotional satisfaction over something like logic itself.
    but I digress, non-funny sarcastical comments have always been a pet-peeve of mine. Along with the inability to admit bias is possible no matter what, or rather, lightening of tone due to it being possible and quite frankly, always happening lol.

    am not a silly goose >_>...XD

    if I get it wrong, don't be too mad, I've probably experienced gender confusion more then anybody else you know. /obvious ego inflation and bragging. XD

    :p I'll tell you why, its the english fandub version of a song. XD
    The value of human life is more than my multi trillion dollar fortune. And you can light me on fire all you want, but only Leaf knows the secret to killing me.
    Silly Tini, only a fraction of my fortune is in the bank. Most of it is invested in stocks and bonds, and the certificates are stored in a safe where not even my pyromania can hurt them.
    yay :D...

    Ah...being logical isn't bad, it prevents alot of things. :p
    just remember to hold back brutal logical beatdowns, Most things people fight about aren't generally based upon logical choices. They choose a side, then defend it with logical words...


    good boy/girl :D.

    "Failure concentrating
    Body/motor responses hesitating
    Soul/ego shaking
Blur between daydreams and awakening

    Loss of control and perpetual
    Sense that luck and light are fading
    No more ruminating
    Shake the strife off your life or keep on waiting

    That's my situation
    Can't escape 'cause to run is degradation
    No expectations
    Still I fight to bite temptation

    Got to be brave as I unenclave
    Find the prize is my fixation, I'm
    Still holding onto my pride, Oh

    Is this the shine of a wine-toasted victory
    Or is it just a sad bitter sigh of defeat?
    I'll take it either way. 
If fate is just a play
    I'm tying the strings up starting today"

    Song quote for you /killed. guess it! XD
    Yes, I love my money and my profits.
    1. Give Liepard Prankster
    2. Pair it with something that knows Spore
    3. ????????
    4. PROFIT!!!!
    She's been creeping around my profile quite a bit recently. What does she want, a FR?
    1. Go on Random Matchup
    2. Sweep teams with Gastrodon
    3. ???????
    4. PROFIT!!
    im barely on PO cuz i dont have computer access a lot :( do u have a 5th gen friend code cuz i can take u on in the wifi club
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