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  • Lol, well, consistency is very important when doing nothing. ;)

    Btw, I like your new banner, funny. :p
    I forgot, thanks for accepting the friend request. Now you have an even number of friends and probably didn't have to do anything lol.
    Congratulations on graduation! Felt a bit weird to do that in the thread, so I thought I might do it here.
    Sounds gewd to me. I duno when i'll be on for it, though. Summer is coming and my mom may need her puter lol and it'll be too hot to use mine upstairs a lot D:
    LOL! It looks like you and I had the same reaction to Ash's classmates eyeing him suspiciously--make a banner out of the screenshot. I had just finished making this to use in my own signature when I noticed you had added a banner with the same screenshot to your signature. :p

    I now see why Wobbuffet's voice in Sun & Moon got changed instead of reusing stock footage. It's because TPCi would most likely have to keep paying Kayzie Rogers (the now retired VA) in royalties just to reuse a Wobbuffet voice she created. And as we know, TPCi really try to avoid wasting their money just to reuse something like a piece of music.

    The music replacement issues that plague the anime dub these days shows just how much I hate legal issues, and having to constantly pay loads of money in royalties to the original creators just to use their work. It's literal ********, because this piece of red tape is why TPCi's dubs suck.
    LOL thanks! It's so true though and the funny thing is Naruto isn't even that great of an anime anymore...lol
    Yeah, from the writing point of view, it would have been total BS had he lived. So I'm satisfied that the writer had the guts to go through with it. Not many do.
    You're talking to someone who changes their banner practically every other week. I totally understand wanting something different, so I'm not offended. Like I said, I just wanted to make sure you didn't remove it because the link was broken or something like that.
    I noticed you deleted your banner from your signature, and I just wanted to make sure it wasn't because of a broken link. (I recently rearranged my Imgur albums, and Imgur had a few hiccups, so I wanted to make sure the image URL didn't change.)
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